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Top UX/UI Designer Communities To Follow in 2017

Updated on June 7, 2017

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As a designer, one has to stay on top of the game to survive in the highly competitive design industry. For most designers, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is the key to success; they have to stay updated with latest trends, designs, and industry insights.

Top UX/UI Designer Communities

Knowing the struggle of gathering information and interacting with other designers, here’s a compilation of top 15 communities. It’s a gem for every designer, particularly for UX/UI designers.

It must be noted here that there is no particular order assigned to the list since all communities hold their prestigious distinctive features. It is highly advised to subscribe to these communities to better perform in the field.


Dribbble Community

Dribbble is a heaven for designers. Founded in 2009, it has now become a tiny bootstrapped company. It is an engaging community for designers and has grown as a social media platform for people who love to put their creativity on display.

The homepage is full of screenshots posted by different designers, illustrators, and artists. Dribbble is a great source of connecting with designers and it is a hot hiring spot too.

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Mockplus Community

Mockplus Community

Mockplus is a prototyping tool that is popular among designers and it is expected to soon introduce a community that will work as an excellent platform for designers to share their work. Additionally, it is expected to include opinions and concerns of designers; the posted work will be open for judgement by everyone in the community.

The Mockplus community will also have a grading system that will rank problem resolvers and contributors. The aforesaid features are quite likely to make Mockplus community popular for all the creative junkies.

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UX Mastery Community

UX Mastery Community

UX Mastery is a website that works as a platform for all the beginner and professional UX designers. It is full of designing related articles, ebooks, podcasts, etc. The website is an absolute treat for all the UX designers looking to make their name in the industry.

UX Mastery Community has threads and forums to cater the Dos and Don’ts of a UX designer. Moreover, the community is highly engaging and is a great place for both, networking as well as career advice.

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UX Design Community

UX Design Community

You just have to fill a form and a community of over 600 UX designers will welcome you on Slack. The UX Design Community is one of the best options for both, beginners and professionals.

Beginners can get advice and mentorship on the community where professionals are always there to share their inspirations and experiences. Moreover, the community also works as an active job portal, helping job seekers.

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User Experience Stack Exchange

User Experience Stack Exchange Community

This website is quora of UX. If you are a geek who looks out for questions and answers related to UX, User Experience Stack Exchange is heaven for you. The website has thousands of questions along with answers to solve day to day UX designing problems.

Majority of website members are UX researchers and experts who contribute by answering different questions. The website has different sections such as GUI, usability, web design, user-behaviour, etc.

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Web Designer Forum

Web Design Forum Community

Web Designer Forum is a UK-based website for designers with over 3,000 members as of now. The community is a vibrant one and It is a great space for networking.

The website has several exciting sections that include web design, web development, SEO, website marketing and business, software and hardware. To add more value to the community, it has separate boards of Marketplace, jobs, and gallery.

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Graphic Design Forums

Graphic Design Forum Community

This community is popularly known as GDF and it is among one of the oldest platforms for designers with over 20,000 members. The community is engaging and covers all the topics related to designing industry.

GDF has forums of different designing genres such as graphic design, software, photography, etc. These forums cover all features of a design industry including web design, typography, adobe products, corel products, etc.

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Sitepoint Forum

Sitepoint Community

Sitepoint Forum is one of the most reputable and popular online community for designers, developers, programmers, consultants, etc.

The forum has over 250,000 members and has a separate section for Design and UX in which one can find queries and tips. Designers can learn a lot more by following this web forum and its marketplace is a great platform to buy or sell websites and designs.

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Designer News

Designer News Community

Designer News is a website that was launched in 2012 and since then, it has gained a lot more attention due to its impressive design and vibrant community.

The website delivers latest and trending news about the designing industry. The site has experienced professionals in the member list, who share industry news and interest on the forum.

It is a great place for networking and getting hired as it also has a separate tab for jobs. One can also advertise on the website and it has various other separate tabs that include podcast, gallery, etc.

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How Design

How Design Community

How Design is one of the most popular hangout places among designers. It is famous for its guides, articles, tips, etc. Designers love to read content on this website and it is frequently visited by designers to catch the latest trends and happenings in the design industry.

How Design has a forum too that includes categories such as HOW Hangout, tools, creativity, business, etc. There is a critique section as well. This forum is a great platform to interact with beginners and professionals.

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Designers Talk

Designers Talk Community

A forum that has over 25,000 members is a heaven for those who want to discuss about tech products, programming, and designing industry. Its members are always willing to help others via engaging threads that include graphic design, illustration, web development, CMS, etc.

Designers Talk has other sections as well that cater personal interests of people including news, stories, football, etc. If you have a creative flare and you need to discuss it out, then this is the forum for you.

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Just Creative

Just Creative Community

Jacob Cass is the founder of Just Creative — a design studio and a graphic design blog. Jacob has worked with world’s most popular brands including Disney, Nintendo, etc. The articles on his design blog are as creative as he is.

The blog is an exciting place to hook designers as it covers every tiny aspect of designing skills. It is full of trendy content, guides, tips and tricks for designers. Just Creative’s blog is the right place for designers to stay updated about the Dos and Don’ts of the designing industry.

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Envato Community and Blog

Envato Community

Envato has undoubtedly one of the most popular community and blog. The community is always upto some discussion and is fairly active most of the time. Envato’s community has multiple sections such as articles, challenges, meetups, and YouTube videos.

The blog has multiple sections that cater to designers’ needs such as trends, business, web design, and WordPress.

Moreover, the blog has a forum too, where people discuss different products such as WordPress themes, plugins, and graphic designs. It has a section for freelancers as well so that they can get hired via Envato.

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Design Shack

Design Shack Community

Launched in 2003, Design Shack has over 15,000 members. Designers can submit their work to have constructive feedback from professionals.

The website has articles that follow all sorts of creativity. It is basically a one-stop solution for all designers whether it is about finding design templates or trending design mockups. In addition, Design Shack has a gallery that displays different designs and templates with the variation of colors.

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Designer Fund

Designer Fund Community

Designer Fund is a platform for designers to become entrepreneurs. The team at Designer Fund invests in startups that are co-founded by designers. The blog is full of articles that help educate and nurture beginners into experts.

Moreover, the community of Designer Fund is known as Bridge. Different events and product-learning programs are carried out by exceptional designers that hail from industry-leading organizations such as Dropbox, Google, Facebook, etc.

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That’s all of it. What are your thoughts on the list? Share your feedback in the comment area.

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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