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How to Host a PHP Website on Vultr Cloud?

January 17, 2017

3 Min Read
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First of all, you need to learn what is Vultr and why we should integrate a PHP application on Vultr.

Vultr is a Cloud infrastructure provider. Recently, Cloudways has integrated Vultr on its Platform. This deployment can be useful for developers, designers, and web agencies because it will give ease in the form of server management.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting services provider. Through the Cloudways platform, you can quickly deploy a PHP app on Vultr. Servers of Vultr are located in 14 different cities. These servers provide fast read-write services.

php on vultr
Vultr Cloud can be launched on Cloudways PHP web hosting in just a few clicks, and then you will be able to use a wide variety of software including Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop.

The Power of Cloudways for PHP on Vultr

Deployment involves a hosting stack which is comprised of Varnish HTTP accelerator, Apache Web Server, Nginx Web Server, ElasticSearch, Redis, and Memcache. During the deployment process, developers may select PHP, MariaDB, and MySQL versions of their preference.

Cloudways also facilitates its customers by allowing multiple apps deployment facilities on a single server. On the Cloudways Platform, you will find a very easy to use administration panel which makes possible a single click deployment. Cloudways servers are up to 100 percent faster than any other hosting service. The best thing about Vultr is the flawless uptime.

Vultr provides a cloud platform which can be easily managed. It is suited for running large applications. Vultr servers are very fast. You can have 3 days free trial of Vultr on Cloudways. Price plans start at $9 per month providing 768mb RAM,1TB bandwidth, and 15GB storage.

Vultr users are multiplying with every single passing day, all over the world. On Vultr Cloud, you can host a PHP website. It is a tough job to host a PHP website on Vultr and may require sound technical knowledge. However, if you are using Cloudways Platform, you don’t have to worry about technical expertise. You only have to follow the steps below:

How to Launch Vultr PHP server


Sign up on Cloudways Platform. After Signing up, you will have the following screen:

Select PHP Stack from the drop down menu. Enter your App name, Server name and select your Project. After that, Select Vultr from the available list of infrastructure providers. We are offering you 3 days free trial so that you can first experience the Platform before you pay. You can also notice that Vultr is providing its users unlimited bandwidth across 14 locations in the world.

Step 2:

After selecting Vultr, you will face the following screen:

Vultr Server Size And Location

Select Server Size and Location according to your need. You don’t have to worry about server size; you can easily increase your server size later.

Step 3:

Click Launch Server button. A window will appear for a while indicating time remaining until the server is ready.

Vultr Server Launching

Once your Vultr server launches, you can access to all available server management options. Just click your server, and you will be redirected to the interface show as below.

Cloudways Vultr Server Management

That’s it! You have completed the deployment process. Now, enjoy the convenient features of Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Services.

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