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“We Love Magento,” Co-Founders of MageBay Express Their Admiration for Magento

Updated on June 22, 2021

5 Min Read

Today, I’m honored to have the CEO and CTO of a well-known Magento extension development company – MageBay. Quang Cao Minh is the CEO, and Dinh Hong Duc is the CTO. Both of them play an active role in the Magento Community. In this interview, the two influencers have shared the highlights of their career and their love for Magento platform.

Magebay Co-founder Interview

Cloudways: Quang Cao Minh and Dinh Hong Duc, I’ll start by thanking both of you for joining me for this interview. What were your reasons for preferring Magento over other ecommerce platforms in the industry?

Quang: Great question! This reminds me of our first Magento project. We had been working with Joomla and VirtualMart for a long time. But one day, we received a request from a client to create a new store with Magento. We had no prior experience and knowledge of the platform. But still, we completed that project in 2 weeks. It was an awesome project!

It was Magento 1.4.0, with a custom design in PSD. We found out that converting PSD into Magento was fairly easy. Magento has all the advanced features, things that we had to do manually on VirtualMart. The structure was totally new for all of our guys, and when we looked at the database diagram, we were just, “WOW! Amazing!”. We love Magento and no longer work on Joomla/Virtualmart since that first Magento project. I know it was the right decision; we have worked on much bigger projects with Magento and have stuck with this platform.

Cloudways: Quang, in your opinion, what is Success? What does it take to be the successful Founder and CEO of a company like MageBay?

Quang: Well, for me success is when I feel happy. I don’t expect big things. I have worked with my team at Magebay for a long time, almost seven years. I wish to continue working together and make Magebay great. We aim to give the best value to all our clients and the Magento community.

Cloudways: Dinh, as the CTO of MageBay, how would you differentiate Magento from other ecommerce platforms? What are the best technical aspects of Magento?

Dinh: I have worked with most of the open source ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Prestashop, and VirtueMart. I am really impressed with the power of Magento. It has almost all the functionalities required for an ecommerce website that other platforms lack.

Magento 2’s architecture is very flexible. It can easily use third party libraries like Monolog, Symfony, and Zend Framework without breaking the code. Magento 2 applies a lot of the best modern Javascript libraries including AngularJS, RequireJs, KnockoutJS, and jQuery to help improve website performance and user experience. The site load speed is much better now.

Also, Magento REST API provides all functions that a developer needs to submit requests and receive responses, making the integration of CMS, CRM, ERP and creating shopping apps a breeze.

Currently, we are building Android & iOS mobile apps for Magento based on Magento REST API. We plan to release it at the end of this year.

Cloudways: Quang, how do you interact with your team? What are the key points you mainly focus on when building trust and relationship with the team?

Quang: I’m their leader and directly work with them in the office. But after work, we are friends.

We play sports, go out for picnic, travel and are there for each other if there’s a problem.

Cloudways: Dinh, what are your recommendations for optimizing Magento stores? Do you think extensions are as good as Magento core optimization tips?

Dinh: Yes. I have had this question from customers several times. Most of them are new to Magento and lack experience in optimizing and handling errors. I advise them to find a good server for Magento that includes almost all the plugins needed to enhance the optimization and speed of a Magento website. Cloudways managed Magento Hosting services are one of my priorities.

I also recommend enabling all cache type, merge and minifying JavaScript and CSS on the backend to make sure that the site is running at its fastest.

Cloudways: Quang, being the CEO of MageBay, how would you rate the performance of MageBay in 2017 so far? What are your targets for the future?

Quang: We’ve released some great modules in 2017 such as Magento multivendor Marketplace, Products Designer Pro and we have done more projects than ever. So, I think we will have a lot of things to do in 2018, such as launching a Magento mobile application, Magento Care service.

Cloudways: Dinh, what is your experience with Magento 2 so far? How does it compare with Magento 1? Have you developed (and perfected) your in-house Magento 2 development process and workflows?

Dinh: We have completed many Magento 2 projects, and have handled issues related to performance, optimization, checkout, shipping, payment, orders and REST API. Magento 2 has improved significantly when compared to Magento 1, and we advise customers to choose Magento 2 for development since early 2017.

Cloudways: Quang, what points should ecommerce stores owners consider when offering a comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience?

Quang: If you sell lots of products, make sure to build a simple site. If you don’t have too many products, you will need a creative design to attract customers. Your store must have fast loading speed and should be responsive to any device.

Cloudways: Quang and Dinh, please share some motivational words with the readers who are beginning their careers in Magento development. Also, I always ask interviewees for a picture of their workstation as an inspiration for the readers.

Quang: Be patient if you’re new to Magento 2. 😀

Dinh: Keep your website simple first, develop it later. Magento includes all the essential functions for starting a business. You will eventually love it and will not want to switch to other ecommerce platforms.

Cloudways: How do you guys spend your spare time? What are your hobbies? Do you guys play/follow any sports, watch movies, or hang out with friends and family?

Dinh: Every evening I spend time playing with my children. I love sports. I always spend 30 minutes jogging after work. I like to travel or attend small parties with the people of my company. We are currently planning to travel together next week.

Cloudways: Cloudways provides 1-Click Magento installation with impressive speed & great cloud infrastructures embedded within the platform. Do you prefer shared Magento hosting for stores or a cloud hosting environment like Cloudways offers?

Dinh: I have seen a lot of customers complain that they cannot install Magento and that it takes a lot of time to solve some of the errors related to System Requirements for Magento 2 when they use VPS services from other providers.

So, Cloudways helps a lot. It saves a lot of time for the customer. We have recommended the Magento hosting to our clients, and most of them are satisfied with Cloudways and their service support. They can try Magento Hosting for a few days and then upgrade to get the advanced features.

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