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What to Expect from Laracon Online 2018

January 29, 2018

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The entire Laravel community is pretty excited about the upcoming Laravel Event of the Year – Laracon Online 2018. The webinar will be streamed online on 7th Feb 2018. It is expected that the entire who’s who of the Laravel community will attend the event.  

Laracon Online 2018

About Laracon Online

Laracon Online is perhaps the most important event where more than eight renowned speakers and over 6000+ attendees from around the globe. The conference addresses multiple areas of interest but the focus remains on in-depth technical talks given by Laravel experts.

If you are an active Laravel developer, this conference is your gateway to a whole new dimension in the Laravel community. Laracon Online is the single largest gathering of Laravel developers and offers a great opportunity to connect and mingle with the industry leaders and the creator of Laravel,, Taylor Otwell himself. When you attend Laravel Online, you have the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of Laravel experts.

Mingle-in Slack Session

Laracon Online has a great mingle-in session where all the attendees are connected on one Slack channel. They can talk and discuss the points made by the speakers and directly pitch them questions. Since not everyone could attend the conference in person, this Slack-based session ensures that all Laravel developers could connect and learn from best. In these sessions, developers swap notes and get to make new friends.

Following are the popular Laravel influencers who will speak at the 2018 event

Twitterverse is Pretty Hyped Up

These Tweet sure shows what to expect from the event. Which is making everyone pretty excited.





Moving Forward

Being a Laravel developer who is still riding the learning curve, I am very excited about the 2018 Laracon Online.I will be attending this session and will surely connect with many of you.

Wishing every attendee lots of luck and happy learning!

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Saquib Rizwan

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