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A Tribute To Women In WordPress

Updated on  February 24, 2017

Reading Time: 1 minute

If Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, or more lovingly known as Ada Lovelace, would have been alive today, she would have been avidly involved in WordPress.

Now, many would ask who was Ms. Lovelace?

Well, she wrote the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a general machine. This makes her the world’s first computer programmer.

So, why will she pick WordPress?

“Code is poetry,” says WordPress and in a book titled Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers: Prophet of the Computer Age, Ada’s approach is regarded as “poetical science”. So, there you go—a perfect match.

Women In WordPress

While Ms. Lovelace is not present between us, there are many ladies actively involved in the world of WordPress. On the eve of International Women’s Day, we present a fitting tribute to these ladies.

It is because of these ladies (and many like them) that WordPress is such a great success. We truly appreciate your work. Nothing much would have been possible without you.

In the end, do remember to appreciate the ladies around you. Because as the song says: “Who runs the world? Girls!”

(P.S.: If you think someone will be a good addition to the list, do let us know in the comments section.)

Our tribute to women continues, see our: “Everlasting list of Women in WordPress

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About The Author

Waseem Abbas

Waseem Abbas was WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to help people with their WordPress worries. He is a self-proclaimed “food explorer”.

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  • I believe we are missing @saracannon in this list. She has around 10 plugins to her name.

  • Emily White

    Thanks so much for including me on your list. So many other fabulous “Women in WordPress” come to mind as well:

    Jeni Elliott @theblogmaven
    Andrea Whitmer @nutsandbolts
    Rachael Butts @rachaelbutts
    Dorian Speed @DorianSpeed
    Karla Archer @karlaarcher
    Carrie Dills @cdills
    Susan Nelson @ohhellodesigns
    Susan Ramsey @GraphDesigning
    Tamala Huntley @TamalaMHuntley

    If I spent some more time on this I could probably list a dozen more 🙂

    • Syed Waseem Abbas

      Thank you Emily. We made a list at and there you can always add as many as you want whenever you like. Check the list here:

  • newtonsongbird

    I’m very appreciative of these inspiring women. I would also include Carrie Dils (@cdils), Mika Epstein (@ipstenu), and Andrea Rennick (@andrea_r). I’m sure there are many others, as well.

  • Listing only 10 women is not even close to a ‘comprehensive’ list of important and influential woman in WordPress, especially since you missed women on the WP credits page that have their pictures, so you know they made a massive contribution recently:

    Siobhan McKeowan
    Kim Parsell
    Amy Hendrix
    Stephanie Leary
    Lorelle VanFossen
    Kate Whitley
    Kelly Dwan
    Mel Choyce

    We are legion 🙂

    • Syed Waseem Abbas

      Thank you for visiting us. We made another list adding all these women including you. And guess what? It is an everlasting list of women in WordPress. Do give your feedback, it worth a lot to us:

  • Saad Durrani

    WOW! Such massive response! Good work, Wasim!

    • Syed Waseem Abbas

      Thank you Saad. 🙂