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The 6 Point Checklist For Choosing A Managed Hosting Provider

Updated on May 30, 2022

3 Min Read

Managed Hosting can be very helpful to you especially if you wish to keep your focus towards expanding your Internet business. A good Managed Hosting Provider will make sure that all of its resources are available to you providing flexible solutions as per your need. But as the market of hosting providers keeps increasing, it is somewhat becoming a difficult yet essential task to go for the provider that can cater as per your business. See Pantheon alternative.

Choose a Managed Hosting Provider

Similarly, due to the popularity of Cloud Hosting and the unmatched advantages it has over other types of hosting services, you will find many companies claiming to provide the best Managed Cloud Hosting.

Thus, instead of going for the least expensive one, you must ensure that you create and follow a checklist by way of an elimination process, all focused on your specific requirements.

Here’s what you need to ensure before deciding on your Managed Cloud Services partner:

Q#1 –Experience and Endurance: First things first. You must check out from how long they have been in business and for how many years they have been providing managed Cloud Hosting.A good Managed Hosting Provider will have a strong team of experts on its disposal and will have stable presence in the field of providing services.

Q#2 —Freedom and transparency: It is important to know if your provider is asking for commitment. A good managed cloud provider will never try to lock you in; instead he will make sure that you can discontinue services anytime but also you have the freedom to take your personalized apps with you.

Q#3 —Security and Efficiency: A reliable Managed Cloud Hosting provider will make sure that not only your data is secured from viruses, hacks and unauthorized access, but, will also make sure that your data is backed up frequently. This way, you won’t need to worry about security patches or making backups of your data.Make sure to ask for the security processes of the company and know what will happen in case of a Cloud failure.

Q#4 —Server & Networking: Under the networking part, you have to make sure how their infrastructure is being set-up. You need to find out what kind of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and network up-time guarantees they offer, and what will happen in case of a mishap.On the server part, find out what kind of servers do they use? Are they offering shared Cloud Hosting or dedicated Cloud Hosting? Do they allow flexible cloud resizing if while being with your business expands.

Q#5 —Reputation: You might have done everything on your part, but you won’t get the complete picture until you look out for a hosting company’s client list and success stories.

Look for signs of performance issues, legal matters, disagreements and problem resolution elements. And, if possible, get in touch with a few of them to get their feedback. Similarly, look out for recognition and rewards they have received, whether they are a trusted name in the community.

Q#6 —Supportiveness: It is highly essential to know the customer response our potential Managed Hosting Provider is giving. Do they offer ticket logging and how much time do they take to response. Similarly are they reachable by email and phone; and is it automated or you will able to talk to their customer service representative and engineers.

Similarly, it will make sure that things are completely transparent for you. It starts from hidden costs to work style, and will make sure that you have your own space in order to be able to handle your work, while knowing how things are going on. So, find out what kind of management tools and reporting you will be getting under your Managed Cloud Service.



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