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How To Install ProcessWire On Cloud

Updated on February 2, 2016

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ProcessWire is a free open source php content management framework which is built on php 5.3+. Recently, we got a chance to get the interview of the founder of ProcessWire, Ryan Cramer.



We are looking into the feasibility to make ProcessWire available as a one-click application install, however, at the moment you can easily install any version of ProcessWire on Cloudways using the SSH terminal. For this, you need to sign up on Cloudways Managed PHP Hosting and follow the instructions given below to host your own ProcessWire on Cloudways.

After you have created an account with Cloudways, chosen your desired cloud provider from Vultr, DigitalOcean, Amazon or Google, you need to select the PHP Stack Application

ProcessWire Cloudways


ProcessWire Cloudways

After this, choose a desired server size and location. Now click on Launch and wait for the server to start. After the server is launched, rename your application to ProcessWire so it becomes easy for you to access it via SSH

ProcessWire Cloudways

Step 1: Launch your SSH Terminal

Now navigate to the Server Management tab and under Master Credentials launch the SSH terminal.

ProcessWire Cloudways

Once SSH is launched, log in to it with your username and password provided in Master Credentials and type the following commands to reach your public_html


Step 2: Install ProcessWire using Wget

Now type the following command to download processwire in public_html folder.

ProcessWire CloudwaysNow we need to unzip it and rename the folder to use it easily. For that, use the following commands:

Once you have done this go to your application management tab and click on reset permissions. All the permissions of the folder will be reset and your config.php will become writeable.

Now go to the application management tab and copy the application URL. Paste the URL in new tab. Start your installation by clicking on Get Started.

installation ProcessWire

Now choose your installation profile and click continue

installation ProcessWire

Next Click on continue to next step

installation ProcessWire

Now enter your database info which can be found on your application tab, select your default time zone and click continue.

installation ProcessWire installation ProcessWire

Name your ProcessWire admin login page and enter details which will help you to login to your admin panel. After that click continue.

installation ProcessWire

ProcessWire is now installed on your Cloudways Managed PHP Hosting server.

installation ProcessWire

You can either login to your admin pannel or click on View site to check site.You can now configure your server with your domain and start using it!

installation ProcessWire

Looking for a host provider? Haven’t tried Cloudways yet? Now is the perfect time to Sign Up and try out our proficiently Managed PHP Hosting platform.

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Ahmed Khan

Ahmed was a PHP community expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is a software engineer with extensive knowledge in PHP and SEO. He loves watching Game of Thrones is his free time. Follow Ahmed on Twitter to stay updated with his works. You can email him at

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