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8 Ways – How Managed Cloud Hosting helps you focus on Your Business!

Updated on October 27, 2014

4 Min Read

Before we highlight important aspects of cloud hosting management, it is essential to know what exactly cloud hosting or computing is. Not to be confused with web hosting services, cloud hosting or cloud computing is a process in which organizations share and access their assets like databases and other resources like hardware and software tools over a distant network in the form of multiple servers that are placed elsewhere. The concept of cloud computing is vast enough to simply define in a single statement. However, we would give you a brief overview about its functionality and advantages associated with it.

In the ever so expanding Internet market, when there is so much technology competition, cloud computing has come up as a revolutionary field wherein business enterprises can focus upon running their daily operations in the smoothest way possible. Nevertheless, several ways through which Cloud Management can benefit businesses are listed below:Managed Cloud Services

1- Internet Security is given Utmost Priority

Data of any organization is at risk if not secured with information security system tools. For any company or organization to keep running the race of business it is essential to protect its data from getting accessed by unauthorized parties like hacking or spamming. Though, cloud computing is not a very outspoken topic by many organizations, it certainly is one of the most advanced ways to secure data and other confidential information, provided you have employed best resources to manage and secure your cloud and cloud access.

Moreover, to reduce the work load organizations can also avail cloud management services by some of the reputed managed cloud service providers and ease out their work.

2- Cloud Hosting Management helps Businesses Ease their Work Loads

The hassle of installing hardware tools in computer systems reduces to a large extent as all of these activities will be managed by your cloud computing service provider. The entire process involves ample dedication and commitment because of which organizations find it difficult to proceed with the implementation of cloud computing datacenter. Thus, services from managed cloud service providers can get your data center clouded up over one big server while also minimizing the pressure of handling them more effectively and efficiently.

3- Cloud Management: a Boon for Project Managers

Handling projects is not a simple task. It involves certain risks. Therefore, the job of project managers also becomes crucial to monitor everything right from implementation to its successful completion. However, with cloud management, all this and more can be dealt with better coordination amongst team members and remote management.

4- Role of Managed Cloud Service Providers Become Significant

Your cloud manager would provide you with round the clock assistance that includes 24*7*365 days strict monitoring of the datacenters. However, it will again be vital for you to do extensive research on the kind of people you hire for managing your cloud. Transferring a cloud from one server to the other or probably just managing it requires a certain amount of skill set, which highly professional people with years of expertise in the particular field will only be able to deliver. So, hire experienced and reputed system administrators proficient in offering cloud management services to carry out these activities more competitively without any hurdle.

5- Organizations Enjoy a Scalable and Green Environment

The above mentioned point can be explained in with the fact that more scalable a business environment is, better and brighter are the chances for its expansion. As the entire data or resources of an organization is secured, shared and managed within the cloud, it is vital for that cloud to be able to accommodate all the business advancements. Cloud management services give ample space for corporate strategies and plans to reach at a scalable level while increasing its percentage to a large extent.

6- Alert Systems

Host alert systems incorporated in the cloud are keenly monitored by managed cloud services in order to provide updates about various advancements, updates or problems that erupt at any point of the hour.

7- Data Secured should have a Backup Recovery Plan

With cloud computing management services, restoring data at the time of disaster is taken care of.  The concerned system admin manages the cloud with a view to work upon its restoration factor as well. So, you need not worry about how well your data is protected and backed up.

8- Does Cloud Computing or Managing it Reduces Overall Costs of Organizations?

Although, a challenging yet an unspoken topic, with managed cloud computing services the costs of projects have surely come down, which means low cost and maximum profits. But, even till date the issue hasn’t been accepted by many and thus is a controversial one.

For some, it reduces costs by helping you avoid costs of downtime and reducing costs by giving them scalable and flexible storage. For others it may be incur extra costs but that really depends on how you manage your cloud and how you plan to implement your cloud. Better the plan is, lesser would be the cost.

Despite such stigmas, cloud computing management enjoys a whole lot of advantages with flexible as well as competitive data security solutions. We will cover each of these 8 points in a separate detailed blog posts. This  will explain you in detail on how each of the method tend to help companies in reducing their costs and improving their uptime to downtime ratio.

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