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About This Ebook

Let’s start with a popular piece of trivia: The average attention span of an Internet user is 8 seconds!

So a website has just that much time to impress and convert visitors into customers. Now imaging wasting a huge chunk of these 8 seconds because of slow website load speed. This is a real problem for many websites that provide services and sell products. A slow loading website will always lose traffic and revenue.

If this is case with your website, help is here!

This ebook goes into the details of the importance of website load speed and the covers major areas such as the factors that slow down websites. Next, the book offers solutions to improving your website speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Important factors for a great User Experience.
  • Understanding the role of website speed in lead generation and SERP rankings.
  • Platform optimization; Desktop and Mobile.
  • Why mobile focused pages matter?

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