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Troubleshoot Magento Ecommerce Like A Pro



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About This Ebook

You’ve spent long afterhours with your developers to set up, test and develop your ecommerce webpage. It’s almost time for the launch and suddenly bugs start to appear in what appeared to be a perfectly tested website. Well, fret no more as this book has your back. Uncover some of the best ways to solve store level errors without calling in your developer.

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Magento store owners usually leave the task of site maintenance to their developers because they are not experienced enough to resolve most of the issues in the platform. This book is an initiative to change this.

We spent days in understanding the ways store owners operate their stores on Magento platform and the most common errors that they face on a regular basis. With the groundwork done, we knew how to create a checklist to ensure the store owners can operate their stores and take care of the common errors without external help.

This ebook aims to solve routine problems faced by ecommerce store owners, social media managers, community managers, Magento developers, system administrators, and content developers.

Here’s what this solution-focused 40-pager will help you with:

Key Takeaways:

  • Resolve common ecommerce errors.
  • Improve hosting and performance of your store.
  • Optimize website to suit marketing and sales objectives.
  • Draft an attractive user journey to a successful purchase.
  • Understand servers and solve common server issues.
  • Improve UX of store without compromising performance.

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