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What They Are Saying…

Rated #1 In Managed Services and Customer Success

yep! Ditched them a while ago. provides far superior service, speed, security, utility and $$ is cheap

Fat Panda Design

I continue to be super impressed by customer support and tech from – running on platform. Serving that rocks!

Futurist Jim Carroll

Love the free certs from on the platform. Installing takes 2 mins and just works.


Switched my blog to https connection ( ) using @letsencrypt SSL hosted on @Cloudways


support is top-notch.

Adam Parnala‏

is a great hosting company

Daniel j Gregory

it can ease the management of the server.

Praboda Ariyasinghe

Thanks for the follow! We are glad to have our site hosted with Cloudways 🙂 Complete peace of mind.

Beaver Addons

support and performance are top notch! They just resolved a weird issue with my site’s SSL config.

Puneet Sahalot‏

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