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Limesharp – Case Study

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How a Magento Agency Leveraged Cloud Hosting Services to beat Performance Shortfalls.

Cloudways is easy to use & offers brilliant support.
Ed Bull , Director of Limesharp

Limesharp is a full-fledged Magento development and design agency. It used to host clients projects on VPS servers. Limesharp director, Ed Bull personally managed every client’s server, because he firmly believed that terrific customer support lies at the core of lasting business relationships. Everything worked smoothly, well technically at least … until the start of the holiday season.

Things you will learn:

  • How Cloudways helped Limesharp with server scalability and optimized hosting stack?
  • How Limesharp improved clients site-speed and performance?
  • What other benefits did they get with Cloudways?
  • Integrating advance cache to the server.

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