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How Miriam Mibao Uses Cloudways & Oxygen To Power Her Skincare Blog and Ecommerce Store


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Miriam mibao
Miriam Mibao
Founder of Miriammibao.com

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About Miriam Mibao

Miriam Mibao is a fashion aficionado. But while she loves spending time in front of the camera, she also runs a blog centered around skincare routine and WordPress tutorials, as well as an ecommerce shop. While her audience is pretty diverse, she has to ensure that her readers get the best experience and find the best solutions on her website, which, in the end, fuels her growth.

But how does Miriam ensure that her blog and her WooCommerce shop run smoothly? And how does she ensure that her site’s growth is fueled, not hindered, by her choice of hosting and page builder?

Read further to find out.

Cloudways: Can you give a brief description of your blog? How does it help your customers?

Miriam: I run a content website that’s divided into two major parts; one is skincare based on science, and the other is related to WordPress.org tutorials.

About skincare based on science, I know that consumers are often at a loss when faced with the dazzling array of personal care products on the market and often fall into the trap of advertising. So I wrote a series of articles hoping to learn from the ingredients and the perspective of skin structure to allow consumers to understand better the impact of these personal care products on the skin, both positive and negative.

And I use WordPress to run my website. So for someone like me with no coding background, everything is a long learning journey and I share everything I learn on my WordPress.org tutorials section. I write on the choice of hosting, themes, plugins, and troubleshooting various WordPress problems, etc.

Also, I’ve written dozens of Cloudways tutorials and I recommend the hosting to all my readers. Since the language used in my area is Traditional Chinese, so this series of Cloudways articles will help promote it in Chinese regions.

Cloudways: What hosting challenges were you facing that compelled you to start looking for a better solution?

Miriam: In the beginning, I hosted my WordPress website on shared hosting, but I was always frustrated with the loading speed of the website, and on top of that, excessive CPU usage often broke my website. I always spent more time asking, adjusting, and repairing, and I hardly had time to manage my content.

Cloudways: What specific solution were you looking for in your ideal solution to your problem?

Miriam: At that time, I asked many people, and they suggested that I jump to a VPS with higher performance and more control. However, I would have had to spend more time learning to deploy a VPS.

Cloudways: How did you figure Cloudways had the best solution for your problems?

Miriam: Since jumping to Cloudways, the loading speed of my website is 2 times faster than before. I also no longer need to worry about CPU usage like I had to on shared hosting. With Cloudways, I can upgrade core and CPU at any time to meet the needs of my growing website.

Cloudways: What success did you initially face when porting to Cloudways?

Miriam: As mentioned earlier, I am pretty satisfied with the loading speed of my website. I did nothing but jump to Cloudways and the results have been nothing short of impressive.

Cloudways: Has Cloudways helped you save money or increase productivity?

Miriam: I must say, yes. With the increase in the number of visitors, I also kept getting a better ranking in Google search results.

Cloudways: Can you share any specific KPI or metric that shows how Cloudways made things better for you?

Miriam: Cloudways is my most satisfying hosting choice at the moment. It has made things better from many ends so I can’t state them one by one. But overall, I can start with the fact that it helped me jump into VPS or cloud hosting without additional learning.

I can downgrade or upgrade the server any time, 1GB. ~16GB ram and 1 core~4 core CPU are enough to meet the growing needs of most websites. According to the hourly rate, I can try more cloud hosting solutions. With the Cloudways platform, I can manage multiple servers and websites more conveniently, and It’s great that Cloudways provides more preferential prices to use CDN and Email services. My website is free from the risk of spam in Rackspace and Elastic Email.

Cloudways: Has Oxygen page builder helped improve your workflow? How?

Miriam: Absolutely! Since I’m not from a coding background, I had to create my website through WordPress.org in the beginning. But like most users, whenever I needed to change styles and add functions, I had to change themes or add plugins. However, those themes and plugins were bloated with too many features that I didn’t need, often reducing my website’s performance, and often conflicted as well.

Oxygen is different, though. It’s a super easy-to-use tool for constructing websites from scratch. The websites I constructed with Oxygen allow me to only add the required styles and functions that I need, without additional rubbish. As a result, my website is very clean and lightweight.

Cloudways: What advice do you have for people willing to host their Oxygen sites with Cloudways?

Miriam : If you, like me, want better website performance and want to jump into cloud hosting without much learning, then Cloudways can satisfy your needs at a very reasonable price. And if you want to fully customize your website and but don’t want to learn CSS and javascript, then Oxygen can give you a fully customized and lightest website.

Cloudways: What cloud providers did you choose? What do you think of the flexibility of choosing a cloud provider at Cloudways?

Miriam: I went with Linode from the start. It is fairly stable and provides Tokyo servers which is an ideal location for me. It also provides automatic detection and mitigation of DDOS, which means my website rarely has problems.

As mentioned before, the choice of cloud providers helps to meet the growing needs of most websites. I am quite satisfied that the Cloudways platform can upgrade the server at any time. It is completely free, fast and convenient, and is charged by the hour without wasting.

Cloudways: What overall impact did Cloudways have on your business before and after? Speed, performance, multiple site management?

Miriam: As mentioned before, I am most satisfied with my site’s loading speed. It’s simply amazing.

Cloudways: Do you have any advice for people or businesses that may face the same problem as you did?

Miriam: Cloudways makes everything easier, and it makes everything more free. This combination completes the website I really want; even if Cloudways needs more learning, I keep getting more from it. My website is both lightweight and fully customized. So in short, if you want a website that runs really well, helps you grow, and doesn’t give you any headache, choose Cloudways as your hosting, and Oxygen as your WordPress page builder!

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