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Magento Starter Pack by Cloudways

Take your ecommerce business to new heights with this bundle of top-notch Magento tools.

About Magento Starter Pack

Building your first Magento store can be difficult. Choosing the best hosting solution, the fastest theme, and the right extensions for your Magento store is a serious challenge. We remove all the guesswork so that you can get all the right tools and plugins to launch and scale your business without worrying about picking the wrong component.


Magento Cloud Hosting

Secure, scalable, and performance-focused managed Magento cloud hosting.


Extensions and Themes

Best Magento extensions, themes to enhance store performance & boost sales.


Guides and Resources

Free-to-download guides, checklists & other resources to expand knowledge.

Estimated Worth: $14,000+

How to Unlock Magento Starter Pack?

Getting your hands on the Magento Starter Pack is easy. Just enter your name, email and we’ll get back to you.

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  • Signup for a Cloudways trial account
  • Launch Magento store
  • Add billing information
  • Get discount pack in your inbox
  • Start availing the discounts!

30% OFF for 3 Months on Managed Magento Hosting

Let us take care of all your Magento hosting hassles while you focus on taking your Magento store to the next level.

  • Choose From FIVE Top IaaS Providers
  • Get Flexible Server Scaling
  • Beef Up Store Security
  • Add Free SSL certificates

Magento Themes, Hosting, & Extensions for Incredible Experience

Avail Up to 50% OFF on Magento themes, extensions, and hosting. Now, you can easily scale your Magento stores and reap higher profits.


Exclusive Magento Guides, and Resources for Merchants

Access the best free resources to build, launch, grow and maintain your ecommerce business.

Unlock Your Magento Starter Pack and Launch Your Magento Store with Zero Worries

Unlock the Pack worth $14,000+
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Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is subscribe with your name and email address through the Magento Starter Pack. And you will be followed up with an email shortly.

Every Cloudways new customer can avail Magento Starter Pack, especially those who are looking for the right resources to build their Magento store with amazing discounts.

If you are experiencing issues with Cloudways Magento Hosting, contact our 24/7/365 support. However, if you are facing problems with a tool provided by our partners, directly contact their support.

Depending on our partnerships with other development and marketing companies, or a change in discount value offered by one of the partners, we can change the total value of the discount offered with Magento Starter Pack. However, the starter pack value remains the same for now.