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How a Multipurpose WordPress Theme Can Help Your Agency

December 14, 2016

4 Min Read
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Multipurpose WordPress themes are applicable in all niches and industries, equally suitable for corporate businesses, personal blogs, and portfolios. In most cases, they include different demo layouts for the user to choose from and offer an amazing kit of features and functionalities that can be customized for a more brand-specific appeal.

Similar to single-purpose themes, multipurpose themes are available in single-layer and multi-layer versions, allowing you to build a blog around them just as efficiently as you can sell them.

The reason why we are discussing themes is the extreme importance online presence has become nowadays for the success of different businesses. Regardless of the services you are providing, you have competitors looking to take you down, and fighting in the same space, for the same clients.

This makes it vital to choose the right WordPress theme, and to design an impressive and memorable website for the needs of your business.

In the WordPress ecosystem, there is now a growing trend of using multipurpose themes, as they represent a reasonable investment for creating multiple types of websites instead of a single one.

Usually, they offer a page builder packed with unique templates, all made usable for non-savvy people as much as for experienced designers. It does not require any CSS knowledge to get a grasp of the toolkit and use it to put an appealing website in action.

The Core Multipurpose WordPress Themes For Agencies

Multipurpose Theme Design and Versatility

So what is it that separates a Multipurpose theme from normal themes? Multipurpose themes are easily tweakable, well-integrated, and encompass several fantastic templates to choose. Additionally, it is completely updated to meet all the upcoming trends and innovations. They offer a number of advantages over the simple purpose themes.

It covers ecommerce and online payment functions, it allows blogging and empowers portfolio management, and its functionality can be extended with all sorts of plugins and widgets. Whatever your job may be, a multipurpose theme will stand in line with your needs and do the job for you.

Despite such popularity, most WordPress themes are still developed for a single niche/industry and cover only specific features required for related websites. We recommend even users of such themes to consider trying a non-specific theme so that they would experience how a no-coding environment feels like. It will instantly reduce the need to tweak bloated codes for basic functionality, save money and time, and still result in an irresistible site that catches end users’ attention immediately.

Multipurpose themes are completely responsive on all devices, as this has been taken into account while building their multi-functional layouts. To the satisfaction of creative users, some cool plugins such as sliders and drag-and-drop editors are also available.

What is also good to know is that multipurpose themes are designed to let the user create more website layouts, and use those for blogging or doing business.

While some of you may believe a post blog does not require an extendable multipurpose theme, we suggest you consider the following scenario: What if the blog becomes extremely popular (as you intend to make it), and gathers thousands of users interested in it? What happens next?

The logical course of action is to use the theme to build an ecommerce store which would sell your content and accumulate money, or at least such that will collate users in an online community and boost your social influence.

Our suggestion: The Core

We recommend The Core as the current leader among massive and multipurpose WordPress templates with more than 20 website types embedded in it. This theme will give you access to multiple demos designed for particular industries, and it is currently working on developing even cooler ones at no cost.

The Core works perfectly for every business, due to the many advanced features it provides. Among other things, The Core is SEO-optimized, provides ready-to-use buttons, short-codes, and total retina responsiveness. The number of layouts is almost unlimited, and the cherry on the cake is the flexible page builder that allows the creation of countless web pages by simply dragging and dropping elements around.

Moreover, The Core is fully customizable and gives users multiple usage opportunities: running blogs, displaying work in galleries and portfolios, designing attractive landing pages, or running large e-stores.

The Core Demos

Ending thoughts

Solid websites that look attractive and professional have become essential for every business or sole entrepreneur. These websites, nevertheless, must be responsive, intuitive, and function just as well as they look.

Multipurpose WordPress themes have collated all of this functionality in a single package, well-organized and ready to use in every niche or industry.

They provide users with an array of customization options for quality websites, referring to tools, modules, settings, and stock images, thanks to which a single theme can take over many different shapes and looks. The user will be able to transform the website and make it look brand new with only a few clicks.

Choosing the right theme, nevertheless, will require research and attention, as the market is overwhelmed by solutions which could or could not meet the exact needs of the user.

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