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Automating PHP Deployment A Handbook To Enhance Your Workflow

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If you are having a hard time deploying applications to live servers, this ebook is for you.

This book covers the four popular automation tools (GitHub, DeployHQ, DeployBot and Envoyer) that simplifies app deployment process for your projects.

With this ebook, you can easily understand how to automate application deployment and get the process over in minutes. The book describes the detailed process for each deployment tool, making it easier for everyone to get started with the application deployment without any worries.

After going through the book, you can easily automate application deployment by following the steps laid down in this handbook. The idea is to make app deployment fun, effortless and above all, quick.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Manual Deployment Often Fails
  • Deployment via GitHub
  • Deployment via DeployHQ
  • Deployment via DeployBot
  • Deployment via Envoyer

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