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Digital Marketing Agency Complete. Moves 25GB Data to NVMe Server, Switches Client Site From Flywheel, and Cuts Load Time by 50%


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About Complete.

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Complete. is a dynamic digital marketing agency that has made its mark globally, with a strong presence in the UK and Dubai. Known for its top-tier services, Complete. has been a game-changer in the industry. Its strategic, creative, and proactive approach has driven success for businesses at all levels – local, national, and global.

It was established in 2009 in the UK and expanded its operations to Dubai in 2022. Over the years, Complete. has consistently delivered exceptional results, setting new standards in digital marketing. This success is attributed to an innovative team of creatives who are passionate about helping clients navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Complete. excels in creating data-driven strategies with a team of marketers, developers, and designers. They work closely with clients to develop websites and campaigns that drive growth. A key to their success is their partnership with Cloudways. To understand how Cloudways has contributed to their success, read this case study.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about your business, Complete, and your services? How do you differentiate yourself from other digital marketing agencies?

Tom Smith: Capturing leads, generating impressions, improving engagement, or boosting sales, we help our clients achieve measurable results through SEO, PPC management, lead generation, website development, and more.

We regularly work with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries. We take time to get to know our clients and their goals before suggesting the most appropriate digital services for them.

Our service offering includes the following:

  • Website Design & Development
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Management
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Copywriting
  • Hosting & Security
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography

We provide clients with a fantastic service from concept through to completion. Rather than completing a project and leaving the client to it, we ensure that our clients feel supported and can seek our assistance when they require it.

Forming long-lasting partnerships and delivering digital success for our clients is our priority. Our digital partnerships typically include website creation and a marketing campaign, such as SEO, PPC, or lead generation. Each of our digital partnership clients receives monthly live analytical data reports to ensure transparency.

Our values underpin everything we do, and open and honest communication is at the top of the list, so we keep clients informed every step of the way so they know exactly what we’re doing and why.

Cloudways: How did you come to choose Cloudways as your web hosting provider? What research did you conduct before making this decision?

Tom Smith: As a digital marketing agency, it’s crucial that we stay ahead of industry trends and developments. With this in mind, we often put a lot of effort into researching and ensuring that we can offer our clients the most valuable solutions.

We have chosen to work with Cloudways on multiple occasions due to their fantastic hosting options and dedicated customer service. Before selecting Cloudways as a hosting provider, we looked into their offering and reviews to ensure that they could provide the level of service we require.

Managing multiple sites as an agency means that we have to take further steps to ensure that the provider is of high quality.

Cloudways: What were the main factors that influenced your decision to use Cloudways for web hosting? Were there any specific features or services that stood out to you?

Tom Smith: Cloudways offers fantastic hosting services, maintaining full control over the servers so that we only need to manage the sites. This is a huge benefit of using Cloudways, as it allows us to dedicate more time to other areas of the business.

Cloudways also provides us with a great caching system and website backups. Should there be an issue, we can quickly restore sites and minimize downtime for our clients. Their customer service team is always available to fix any issues beyond our control.

Security is another factor that encourages us to work with Cloudways. For us, the security of our sites is a priority, and Cloudways supports us with that.

Isolated applications mean that the others aren’t affected if one site is compromised. With integrated Bot Protection and regular resource logging, it’s easy to identify and manage the sites that require more attention.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways helped you in achieving your business goals? Can you share any specific examples or success stories?

Tom Smith: We’ve had clients come to us for hosting after using another company or attempting to host a website themselves.

A common complaint is that their websites are running slowly or are unsecured and have been hacked/exploited. This can be detrimental to the user experience and, of course, has a knock-on effect on other aspects of their marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When a new client approaches us for a more efficient hosting solution, Cloudways is our first option. An example of this comes from a client who needed to migrate 3 websites. After they contacted us to say their websites were too slow, unsecured, and running out of resources, we migrated all websites over to their own Cloudways server.

Since then, the client and their customers have commented on how much faster and more responsive the site is and how much better the backend works. The client’s overall website performance has improved following the change in hosting providers.


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Cloudways: How has the Cloudways hosting impacted your online presence? Have you noticed any website speed, uptime, or other metrics improvements?

Tom Smith: Cloudways has had a positive impact on our online presence and our clients. When migrating sites from one platform over to Cloudways, we have always experienced increased speed and performance.

The group of sites we migrated to their own server was previously on shared hosting, experiencing significant downtime and frequently timing out. One of the sites had also been hacked. Utilizing the Cloudways Migrator, we moved the sites with over 25 GB of files to a new NVMe-based DigitalOcean server.

We’ve also experienced great success using Cloudways to host other sites. We recently moved a large windows and doors retailer from Flywheel to Cloudways. This resulted in a 50% decrease in page load time and much higher scores on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Following all of our server and site migrations, the sites have benefited from 100% uptime, the response times across all sites have improved, and our team has been able to manage, clean, and secure the websites.

Cloudways: Have you received any feedback from your customers or clients about the performance of your website since switching to Cloudways?

Tom Smith: When our clients search for a hosting provider, they seek security and maintenance. With Cloudways, we can ensure sites are backed up regularly. We can also closely monitor websites to identify and rectify issues promptly.

The ability to stage a website in a few clicks and push and pull changes makes it incredibly easy to update our client websites. Additionally, our clients always appreciate seeing the changes on a duplicate of the site before they go live.

Cloudways: Have you utilized any integrations that Cloudways has with other services, like Cloudflare CDN? If so, how have they helped improve your agency business?

Tom Smith: The Cloudways integrations have proved extremely useful with sites hosted on the platform.

In particular, the Elastic Mail API has been instrumental in ensuring that our customers’ site emails reach the intended recipients. The seamless integration makes this our first choice for an SMTP relay when launching a site.

We are not currently utilizing the Cloudflare CDN through Cloudways. However, this is planned as we have several sites on other hosting platforms using Cloudflare CDN – moving them over to an integrated solution such as Cloudways would make managing these sites much easier.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about the Cloudways pricing and how they compare to others? Did you find their plans to be competitive and reasonable for the services provided?

Tom Smith: The pricing points for Cloudways are great. We can offer packages to clients that include site/application maintenance from our team and the site’s hosting at a reasonable price.

Going directly to the other platforms and creating the servers yourself might be cheaper, but in terms of time spent, it actually costs you more. With Cloudways, we can have a site up and running within minutes and scale it up as required (also see Cloudways Autoscale).

The pay-as-you-go model is also great. It means hosting costs are tied directly to what we use, so we aren’t paying for more servers or resources than we are using. Our sites are built to perform well, with minimal plugins, so we get great value from the larger servers we have set up.

Cloudways: Did you find the Cloudways UI to be user-friendly and easy to use? Can you share specific examples of how it has improved clients’ website management?

Tom Smith: Managing multiple sites requires a clear user interface. Cloudways offers us this as we can monitor all the sites and servers from one dashboard.

Some hosting providers we have worked with previously make it much more challenging to identify if there has been an issue with a site. Cloudways alerts us immediately so that we can take the necessary steps to get the site back up and running for our clients.

Cloudways: Would you recommend Cloudways to other businesses looking for a reliable and high-performing web hosting provider? Why or why not?

Tom Smith: I would definitely recommend Cloudways to other businesses. We have received a reliable, high-quality service. Cloudways offers many options so that you can tailor your package to your own hosting requirements.

As a high-quality digital marketing agency, we regularly use Cloudways, as it allows us to be confident in the service we provide our clients. If you’re looking for a high-performing web hosting provider, I would highly recommend Cloudways.

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