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Hospitality Web Design Agency Moved 100+ Sites From SiteGround to Cloudways, Saved 30% Server Cost, and Improved Speed by 59%


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Giulio Detti
Giulio Detti

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About WebMaremma

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WebMaremma is a leading web agency founded in 2006 by a computer engineer, Giulio Detti. It operates in Tuscan and Lazio Maremma and has over 300 business clients. The company also develops and manages tourist portals in collaboration with Booking.com and GetYourGuide, with over 500 sites managed in total.

They have recently earned the prestigious Google Premier Partner certification and have a clientele that includes luxury hotels and thermal resorts such as Terme di Saturnia. Cloudways is their preferred web hosting provider due to exceptional customer service and backend capabilities.

This case study will explore WebMaremma’s experience with Cloudways and how it has benefited both parties. Giulio Detti explains how moving to Cloudways enabled him to provide a more efficient service to his customers and significantly improved the quality and performance of his clients’ websites.

Cloudways: Could you please provide us with an overview of WebMaremma and the range of web development services you offer your clients?

Giulio Detti: WebMaremma is a distinguished web agency focusing on search engine optimization, advertising management, and creating websites, ecommerce platforms, and web applications. We are proud to have recently earned the prestigious Google Premier Partner certification.

Our clientele includes esteemed establishments such as Terme di Saturnia, recognized as one of the world’s premier spas. We have had the privilege of developing their website and booking engine and managing their advertising efforts. Many Italian hospitality facilities have entrusted us with their online representation, seeking the most effective web presence possible.

The impact of our work is readily apparent. A simple examination of the search engine positioning of our client’s websites and our portals will demonstrate our effectiveness. These can be viewed in the portfolio and projects sections on our website.

Cloudways: What key factors led you to choose Cloudways as your preferred web hosting provider over other available options?

Giulio Detti: Cloudways has been our best choice as a hosting provider, largely due to exceptional customer service. The use of the Slack channel empowers our entire team to manage support requests (we make more than 20 support requests daily) straightforwardly and effectively. The backend capabilities allow us to efficiently migrate sites from one server to another and manage backups and staging sites. This greatly accelerates our operations and enhances our clients’ services.

Cloudways: Have you noticed any significant improvements in website loading speed and overall performance after migrating to Cloudways?

Giulio Detti: Recently, we migrated two servers from SiteGround to Cloudways, for a total of more than 100 websites, noticing an overall improvement in performance. Thanks to cache optimization, we can manage these websites using fewer servers resource and saving more than 30% of the money. This enhancement was achieved thanks to the valuable support from the Cloudways team, who assisted us in optimizing the sites by setting up the server configuration in the best possible way.


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Cloudways: How has the integration of Cloudflare CDN with Cloudways enhanced the performance and delivery of your websites to a global audience?

Giulio Detti: We have activated CloudFlare with the CDN system and caching in more complex projects requiring high performance. The performance has improved significantly, and we achieved the result of fully loading complex WordPress websites in less than 4 seconds, and additionally, the security levels Cloudflare introduced have allowed us to make the sites more secure and reliable.

Cloudways: What specific features of Cloudways have you found most beneficial for managing advertising campaigns and optimizing website performance?

Giulio Detti: The functionality that has proven to be most beneficial in our campaign management is the simplicity and efficiency of working with staging environments and their subsequent transition to production. This streamlined process enables us to swiftly create a staging version of the site in less than 5 minutes, collaborating closely with the client before moving forward with campaign activation upon their approval. 

Cloudways: How has Cloudways’ support for different CMSs, such as WordPress, Magento, Laravel, or Custom PHP, simplified the development process for your agency?

Giulio Detti: The exceptional support offered by Cloudways is the primary reason we chose them as our technological partner, entrusting them with all our server transfers. Discerning whether an issue originates from the server or the application can be challenging, particularly when working with WordPress development.

However, the Cloudways team, through their comprehensive support, consistently aids our developers in troubleshooting these problems. The quality of assistance they provide is unparalleled, and the convenience of their Slack channel is noteworthy. It allows for ongoing conversations, eliminating the need to start from scratch with each interaction, as is often the case with traditional chat services.

Cloudways: As a web development agency, how has the Cloudways Platform facilitated collaboration and streamlined the development process within your team?

Giulio Detti: Our agency has a development team composed of 12 members, including graphic designers, programmers, ads specialists, and data scientists. The Cloudways Platform allows us to manage teamwork quickly, providing our employees granular access to various backend functionalities. This is certainly a significant advantage, as it reduces the possibility of errors and improves process productivity.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways’ pricing structure and flexibility helped you manage your agency’s budget while ensuring reliable hosting services for your clients?

Giulio Detti: The pricing structure is very clear and flexible. We particularly appreciate the add-on model that allows us to calibrate the service offered depending on our client type. The model that provides discounts for purchases of many licenses of service is a winning element, which allows us to be competitive in the market.

Cloudways: Can you share any specific examples or success stories where Cloudways’ hosting played a significant role in achieving your client’s business goals?

Giulio Detti: We have many success stories to share that demonstrate the success of our projects thanks to the support of Cloudways; among these, we choose one of the sites we are most proud of, Maremma Tuscany. It’s a tourist portal developed with WordPress, with the widespread use of custom posts.

The Cloudways team helped us optimize the site (performance improved by 59%) and the interface with the Laravel applications we use to synchronize data. This is just one of the many success stories we can tell; all the sites you can find in our portfolio are hosted on Cloudways.

Cloudways: How would you summarize the impact Cloudways has had on your agency’s efficiency, client satisfaction, and growth in the competitive web development industry?

Giulio Detti: I can summarize this impact in one word: friendship. In the digital world, relationships are only virtual, but it’s nice to see that over the years of collaboration, a friendship has been established with the engineers at Cloudways, who know our projects and help us in all aspects, not just the technical ones. We come from different parts of the world, but we have a common goal: to do our job well. Thanks to Cloudways, this is possible for WebMaremma.

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