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OptinSpin Helps You Convert Visitors Into Leads

December 20, 2017

6 Min Read
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Good news for all WooCommerce customers as the perfect Wheelio competitor for WordPress has finally hit the market with OptinSpin. Although there have been many marketing tools released in this decade to increase the sales. But now, one of the greatest selling option is available in the market is OptinSpin with the same concept but with different approach. This is fully-customizable wheel with lots of options so you can easily engage your customers.

You can see many optin plugins that just ask for an email address but OptinSpin is totally different from others. It actually gamifies the website by letting your visitors “spin a wheel” for a chance to win certain incentives like a coupon at your store or give links to free ebooks and in return customer end up subscribing your Newsletters. This WooCommerce marketing tool have been developed with mobile first approach not to let anyone escape from any screen size.

OptinSpin Overview

Some Awesome Features of OptinSpin

Let’s see the most amazing features of this WooCommerce plugin

  • It provides you a fully-customizable layout
  • You can change the color of each section
  • Add as many as sections you want
  • Manage sections with drag and drop functionality
  • Set probability for each section
  • Add your own logo
  • Connect OptinSpin with your MailChimp campaigns
  • Remarkety Ready
  • Fully-customizable email templates
  • Easily link WooCommerce Coupons
  • Generate unique coupons on fly with your specifications
  • Connect Mailster the ultimate Newsletter plugin for WordPress
  • Easily connect with Zapier so do whatever you like to do with collected user info
  • Active Campaign Ready
  • Multiple triggers that allows you full control over the wheel
  • New customizable Snow fall effect for holiday season and much more
  • Create your own buttons and links to trigger Optin slider from wherever you want
  • Complete documentation to make things easy for you
  • Enable/disable option for sound while wheel spins
  • Enable/disable party poppers on WINNING
  • WPML ready
  • New background animation effect – that you can use for Holiday Season.

These above are some of the great features, you can also check out the complete features of OptinSpin.

How It works?

The OptinSpin plugin is very easy to use you can also check out how this plugin works.


You need to know the requirement of this plugin before you start the installation.

  • WooCommerce 3.1+
  • WordPress 4.8+
  • PHP version 5.6+

Now let’s move on to installation process.

OptinSpin Installation

In this section, I am going to educate you how you can install and activate OptinSpin plugin. The process is quite easy just like other plugins. After you have downloaded and unzipped your purchase from CodeCanyon all you need to install it on your WordPress system.

First thing first, log in to your site’s Dashboard using admin credentials as shown below

OptinSpin Installation

Click on the “Plugin” tab in the left panel and then select “Add New”

Add New

On top you can see the “Upload Plugin” button, just click on it.

Upload Plugin

Simply, “Choose File” your plugin zip file which you have already download on your. Then click to the “Install Now” button as shown in figure below.

Install Now

Further on, click “Activate Plugin” button.

Activate Plugin

After successful activation, you need to see that the OptinSpin tab will appear on your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

OptinSpin Setting

OptinSpin Settings

Take a quick overview of OptinSpin settings.

  • General: Here you set the general settings of OptinSpin plugin like Wheel Spin Speed, Cookie Expiry Time, background image, text, logo and many more.
  • Trigger: Here you can set the clickable option like you want to Show Clickable Tab on Desktop then you can checked this button also you can set the spin timing as wT.

Time Delay Trigger

You can set some specific time after which you would like to trigger OptinSpin to appear in front of visitors.

Time Delay Trigger

Clickable Tab

Clickable Tab

Can place clickable tab at bottom so by clicking, users can get the OptinSpin and get engaged.

Desktop Exit Intent

Desktop Exit Intent

You can even trigger the OptinSpin when it seems like your visitor is about to leave your website.

Mobile Exit Intent

Mobile Exit Intent
OptinSpin’s exit intent thing also works on mobile devices by detecting a visitors scrolling.

  • Section: By Default, there is no section in this tab if you want then you need to add one. With easy to use drag and drop interface it’s pretty easy to manage and reorder sections of the wheel.


  • Privacy: Here you can select the privacy page wherever you want to show OptinSpin.
  • MailChimp: You can also connect your OptinSpin with the power of MailChimp.
  • Remarkety: You can grow your remarkety email list with OptinSpin.
  • Winning/Losing: Here you can set the CSS and change the label of add to cart and skip coupon label.
  • Email Template: Here you can edit the email template whatever you want to add.
  • Coupon Bar: Here you can change the coupon bar message.
  • Additional CSS: And this is the final options you can add the additional css here whatever you want.

Additional CSS

Now, your OptinSpin is ready to use.

How to Use Coupon?

To do this you need to add your name and your email address after that click to the “Try My Luck” button.

How to Use Coupon?

Now try your luck 😉

Try your Luck

Hurray!! Did you see that I just won a coupon of 35% off. Now I can use this coupon code by clicking the Continue and Apply to Cart button or I will also receive this coupon via email so I can use whenever I feel like.

Finally, select any product which you want to buy and click to the “Add to Cart” button.

Add to Cart

Here,you will notice that the coupon code section will appear on your cart screen as shown in figure below. Apply your coupon code and click to the “APPLY COUPON” button.


You Can Start With Free Version!!

If you still have questions, you can always start with the Free version of OptinSpin with some basic features and then move on to the Premium version to get full control over the wheel and get surprising results in your WooCommerce store.

Final Words

That’s it, for shop owners this post is clear message to increase their sale of WooCommerce store. So what are you waiting for? Just add the OptinSpin plugin on your store and make your customers in a huge amount. If you have any query regarding this article feel free to ask me via comment section below.

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