The Best WordPress Cron Job Plugins

The official WordPress plugin repository has thousands of plugins to choose from for your website. But finding the top cron job plugin for WordPress with high-end features requires a lot of time and effort. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Cron Job Plugins: Free and Paid

WordPress needs to perform periodic operations by simulating a cron system. For example, to check for system updates, check for plugin and theme updates, send emails, notifications, and much more. These operations can be easily carried out using the following best WordPress cron job plugins.

easycron wordpress plugin


Easycron is a plugin that provides cron job services throughout the world. There’s a free forever plan that you can use to configure cron jobs, but there’s also a premium plan with advanced features that contains many features that will help you schedule processes quickly.

  • Support for cron expression
  • Slack notifications
  • Webhook callbacks
  • Cron job execution logs
  • Customize schedule timezone
wp cron status checker wordpress plugin

WP-Cron Status Checker

WP-Cron Status Checker simply checks that the cron tasks are activated and also allowing you to configure email notifications in case if a cron stops working. It can be a useful checker to run your website without any problems.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Automatically check events
  • Report unexpected errors
  • Create logs of all hooks
  • Pro version available
advanced cron manager wordpress plugin

Advanced Cron Manager

Advanced Cron Manager is another free plugin that allows us to see the registered events, execute them manually, and create new events. The pro version includes cron logger, debug tool, and many more.

  • Add or remove schedules
  • Block WP Cron spawning
  • View all registered events
  • Bulk actions on events
  • Run events manually
wp crontrol wordpress plugin

WP Crontrol

WP Crontrol is a free and very complete plugin for WordPress cron jobs. It allows you to view, edit, execute, and schedule the cron jobs to automate your WordPress website configuration automatically.

  • Add new cron events
  • View all cron events
  • Edit and run cron events
  • Custom cron schedules
  • Bulk delete cron events
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