The Best WordPress Editor Plugins

The official WordPress plugin repository has thousands of plugins to choose from for your website. But finding the best WordPress editor plugin with high-end features requires a lot of time and effort. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Editor Plugins: Free and Paid

Gutenberg is slowly gaining more and more loyal users day by day. The number of features has increased and most of the popular plugins have long been compatible with the new editor. But if you still want to use the old editor, you can try out the following WordPress editor plugins.

gutenberg wordpress editor plugin


With Gutenberg Editor, each component of the post or page is a block, and it is the set of blocks that make up a document. This plugin makes WordPress an even more intuitive system giving it more power at the same time.

  • Replace TinyMCE Editor
  • Use individual blocks
  • Block for text, images, etc.
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Conditional logic of WordPress
tinymce advanced wordpress editor plugin

TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin will allow you to increase the writing options of your WordPress website. With Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced), you can activate an additional bar for managing the written text containing several useful commands.

  • Full access to all blocks
  • Several advanced settings
  • Set classic paragraph or block
  • Search and replace options
  • Set font family and sizes
classic editor wordpress plugin

Classic Editor

This plugin allows you to set the default editor when creating or editing a new post or page both the Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor. You can also allow users to switch between one editor or another.

  • Restore classic editor
  • Edit posts easily
  • Select the default editor
  • Several filters included
  • Allow users to switch editors
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