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The Best WordPress GitHub Plugins

The official WordPress plugins repository has over 56,000 plugins, which means finding the best WordPress plugins for adding a functionality to your website needs a lot of time. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress GitHub Plugins: Free and Paid

Using GitHub in your WordPress project is very simple, but it is advisable to follow a series of practices to enjoy a good experience and workflow. To begin with, keep in mind that it is counterproductive to include your entire WordPress installation in your project's repository using the best WordPress GitHub plugin.

pastacode wordpress plugin


Pastacode is one of the simplest plugins that you can use to insert code your pages and posts. It doesn't matter where you got the code; from GitHub, Gist, Pastebin, BitBucket, or copied from a code editor or any other resource.

  • Insert source code easily
  • Integration with repositories
  • Enhance snippets using PrismJs
  • Different color schemes
  • Compatible with bbPress
wp pusher wordpress plugin

WP Pusher

WPPusher allows you to synchronize the GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab repositories where you have deployed your plugins and themes. This plugin smoothly modifies them after each commit you do.

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Easy GitHub integration
  • Enable auto-push for code
  • Multiple repositories support
  • FTP not required
github embed wordpress plugin

Github Embed

Do you want to embed your GitHub repository to your WordPress and don’t know how to do it easily? Try the Github Embed plugin. Install and activate this plugin, and paste the GitHub URLs on your website.

  • Free and easy to use
  • Embed GitHub repositories
  • Embed user profiles
  • Embed project milestones
  • Add classes and styles
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