The Best WordPress SSL Plugins

The official WordPress plugin repository has thousands of plugins to choose from for your website. But finding the best WordPress SSL plugin with high-end features requires a lot of time and effort. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress SSL Plugins: Free and Paid

Do you want to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS and you have no idea how to do it? Well, A WordPress SSL plugin comes in handy here. It will help you install SSL, check the validity of the certificate, and allow you to migrate your site in a few seconds to the new security protocol.

really simple ssl WordPress plugin

Really Simple SSL

With 5+ million installations, Really Simple SSL is the no. 1 easy-to-use SSL plugin available for WordPress. As Really Simple SSL is optimized to work with Cloudways, your SSL certificate is activated and configured in just a single click!

  • 1-click SSL solution
  • Optimized for Cloudways
  • Mixed content fixer
  • Automated SSL checker
  • SSL expiration check
ssl insecure content fixer WordPress plugin

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

As the name suggests, SSL Insecure Content Fixer fixes mixed content warnings from your WordPress website without having any issues. It can detect HTTPS effectively with an integrated testing tool. Just install and activate the plugin and see the magic!

  • Website testing tool
  • Fix HTTPS warnings
  • Multisite compatibility
  • Comprehensive fix levels
  • Multilingual ready
wp force ssl and https redirect WordPress plugin

WP Force SSL & HTTPS Redirect

WP Force SSL redirects all pages of the website from http:// to https://. The SSL protocol allows you to encrypt the data of your WordPress website, guaranteeing users that the page they access is legitimate and that their data will not be exposed.

  • Lightweight and simple
  • Built-in SSL testing tool
  • Redirect traffic to HTTPS
  • Enable HSTS protocol
  • No coding required
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