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The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins

The official WordPress plugins repository has over 56,000 plugins, which means finding the best WordPress plugins for adding a functionality to your website needs a lot of time. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Duplicate Plugins: Free and Paid

Duplicating posts, pages, and menus manually is not the best way to get your work done since it takes a lot of time. Thanks to the best WordPress duplicate plugins, it is considerably simpler to execute complex without any hassle. The following plugins are very easy to use, you just have to install and activate any of them to your WordPress.

duplicate post page menu wordpress plugin

Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

Duplicate Page and Post is a free WordPress plugin that is designed to clone pages or posts easily. In the specific case of this plugin, it guarantees that your website contents remain intact in the copy.

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Duplicate post and pages
  • Custom Post Type supported
  • Ajax mechanism for large data
  • Pro version available
duplicate menu wordpress plugin

Duplicate Menu

As its name indicates, this free Duplicate Menu plugin allows you to quickly create multiple clones of your navigation menu, seamlessly duplicating elements without running into errors.

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Create copies of existing menus
  • Products-specific changes
  • Cloning on a programmatic level
post duplicator wordpress plugin

Post Duplicator

With the Post Duplicator plugin, you can create an exact clone of your posts while preserving the taxonomies and custom fields. Place the cursor on the post or page you want to copy and duplicate them easily.

  • Create multiple posts quickly
  • Duplicate selected posts
  • Customize duplicate posts
  • Support for custom post types
  • No coding skills required
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