The Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins

The official WordPress plugin repository has thousands of plugins to choose from for your website. But finding the best WordPress download manager plugin with high-end features requires a lot of time and effort. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins: Free and Paid

If you want to allow your visitors or subscribers to download certain files, you need to use a WordPress download manager plugin. You will have the possibility to set a password on files, to prevent unregistered users from accessing, or to see how many downloads have been made on that particular item.

wp downloadmanager wordpress plugin


Developed by Lester Chan, the WP-DownloadManager plugin does not have a long list of features, but it is still considered a viable option for professionals who want to create a website with downloadable files.

  • Embed specific files in posts
  • Sort embedded downloads
  • Limit the number of downloads
  • Direct download category link
  • Display full list of downloads
lana downloads manager wordpress plugin

Lana Downloads Manager

Lana Downloads Manager is a file and document management plugin for WordPress that allows you to keep track and control any of the available downloadable files such as PDF files, documents, images, and other types of files.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Files management system
  • Manage local and remote files
  • Counter and logs system
  • Measure file size easily
wordpress download manager plugin

WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager packed with all the features you willl need to manage your files and documents, password document protection, member capabilities, and role-based document access control, and many more features.

  • Track and control file downloads
  • Limit file downloads per user
  • Chunk upload support
  • Integrated document viewer
  • Category level access control
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