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The Ultimate Laravel Guide for Beginners & Experienced

Updated on December 10, 2021

12 Min Read
laravel tutorial for beginners

Laravel is an open-source web MVC system for PHP. Laravel is a robust framework that provides easy advancement of PHP web applications with features like a secluded packaging framework with a devoted reliance supervisor, access to relational databases, and other application deployment and maintenance utilities.

Is Laravel easy to learn? Laravel is considered to have a short learning curve, especially in case you’re already familiar with PHP. Indeed when stuck, the community is truly accommodating and there are a plethora of assets to assist you learn Laravel from scratch, from podcasts and recordings to composed instructional exercises.

Since Cloudways offers 1-Click Laravel hosting on its managed servers, we decided to create a single and detailed resource that would allow PHP developers to get up-and-running with Laravel in no time.

To make sure that this resource is comprehensive enough, we have also covered several fringe Laravel tutorials for beginners, including installing Laravel on the cloud, and Laravel security best practices. You will also find the Laravel performance benchmark for PHP 5.6 and 7.x versions and Laravel 9.

Laravel focuses on the end-user and ensures that every project could benefit from the simplicity, clarity, and the idea of “getting the work done”. It makes the task of building a database-backed PHP app much easier.

Stop Wasting Time on Servers

Cloudways handle server management for you so you can focus on creating great apps and keeping your clients happy.

Many frameworks, including Laravel, provides a way of organizing and designing an application’s source code (technically known as the Architectural Paradigm). Laravel uses the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm, the de facto standard of setting up web apps.


The Elegance of Laravel

There is no question about it –

Laravel is elegant

All this elegance comes from the MVC and rigid adherence to OOP principles. The structure of the framework induces you to write code that is visually pleasing and better organized. Documentation is another area where Laravel shines because of the detailed official documentation and project-level comment processes.

Speed is one area where Laravel outperforms other PHP frameworks. This includes both the response time of the Laravel code and the project execution speed. In many cases, Laravel allows for writing reusable code components to prevent reinvention of the wheel.

Laravel Prerequisites

You can install Laravel on most servers, or create your own using a virtual machine. The basic server requirements are:

  • PHP  7.2
  • A local PHP environment (Valet, Homestead, Vagrant, MAMP, etc.).
  • A database ( I prefer MySQL)

For setting up a local PHP environment on Mac, Valet automatically sets up everything. If you are on Windows, you should consider Homestead or some flavor of the virtual machine setup. Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides a stable l development environment without requiring the installation of a web server or PHP on the local machine.

In addition to a server, you’ll need Composer, a streamlined way of dealing with internal and external dependencies.

Laravel Installation Guide

Laravel installation

Install Composer

This Laravel tutorial for beginners explores how Composer could be installed either globally or with a specific directory with a file structure. Developers often prefer the global installation option simply because they could avoid the call related problems. For more detailed information and instructions for different OS and setup scenarios, take a look at the Getting Started Guide.

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Laravel 5.6 Features and Installation

Laravel 5.6 is the latest major version. Check out the simple step-by-step Laravel installation process and detailed coverage of the important Laravel 5.6 features.

Install Laravel on Localhost

Localhost is still an important part of the dev projects. The good news is that Laravel is extremely easy to set up in the localhost environment.

Install Laravel on Cloudways Server

If you wish to deploy (or even test) your Laravel code, I believe the best option for a hassle-free Laravel experience is Cloudways managed Laravel hosting. The process is really simple and you get a host of Laravel-focused features that makes life easy for developers.

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Deploy Laravel on AWS Cloud (AWS EC2)

Setting up Laravel on AWS EC2 servers is no joke. It requires significant server management expertise to get the project up and running. Since the combination of AWS and Laravel is so popular, Cloudways has simplified the entire process.

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Deploy Laravel on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most popular choices in the Laravel community for obvious reasons (it’s fast and has virtually no downtime). Setting up Laravel on a Digitalocean server is a task for specialists. In contrast, Cloudways provides 1-Click deployment for Laravel on Digital Ocean servers.

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Deploy Laravel on Linode

Every developer hopes to quickly deploy Laravel applications on Linode cloud infrastructure with minimum hassle. Cloudways further simplifies the process of launching and maintaining Laravel apps on Linode based servers.

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Deploy Laravel on Google Cloud Hosting

Hosting your Laravel website on Google Compute Engine infrastructure managed by Cloudways is easy. It takes only a few clicks and a couple of minutes to launch your Laravel apps on Google Cloud hosting servers.

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Deploy Laravel on Vultr

Cloudways streamlines the entire process of deploying and maintaining Laravel code on managed Vulr servers. Your Laravel application is up-and-running in no time.

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Laravel Basics

basics of laravel

Laravel Routes

The route is a way of creating a request URL for the application. These URLs usually do not map out to individual files in the app structure. Routes in Laravel are designed to be human-readable and SEO friendly.

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MVC and Middleware in Laravel

MVC is an acronym for ‘Model View Controller’. It represents a three-part application architecture that allows separation of logic from the presentation of the application.

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Middleware acts as a bridge between a request and a response. In Laravel apps, middleware is a filtering mechanism.

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Laravel Blade Template

All views in Laravel are usually built using Blade templates. These templates are handled by the Blade engine and views are generally rendered at amazing speeds. This is mainly due to the simple fact that the Blade engine caches the views until they are modified. All the files in resources/views have the extension .blade.php.

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Best Practices In Laravel

The best practices of Laravel development are essential for streamlining the development process and ensuring the high quality of the final product. Experts recommend that Laravel development SOPs should incorporate these best practices without fail.

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Laravel Performance Benchmark

Laravel Performance Benchmark

Laravel performance benchmarks for PHP 5.4, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 is a matter of continuous discussion in the industry. In many cases, developers often decide upon the PHP version based on these benchmarks.

Real-World Laravel Based Solutions

Real-World Laravel Based Solutions

Laravel is well known for providing multiple solutions for a problem. Many developers cite this exact reason for opting for This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the framework. In this Laravel for beginners tutorial, I will demonstrate many examples of Laravel that help developers and beginners to solve their regular task problems.

Contact Form That Sends You Emails

This Laravel powered Contact Us form has a unique feature – it sends out emails for every Submit action, allowing you to get instant notifications for your form. This is a great addition to any project that needs a contact form.

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Send Email In Laravel Through Email Sending  Service Providers

Using an email service provider is a far better option than manually sending emails. In this tutorial for Laravel beginners, I have discussed how you can easily implement email related capability in your Laravel application.

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Multiple File Uploading

File upload is a basic part of any task. Given this significance, it is astonishing that numerous designers confront the difficulties of adding record transfer highlights to their activities. Specifically, developers are uncertain about how to transfer and approve documents.

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Integrate Bootstrap Template With Laravel

Bootstrap is outstanding in the improvement hovers for great plan alternatives. Laravel makes it unfathomably simple to utilize Bootstrap formats in the task’s perspectives. In this instructional exercise, I have demonstrated how Bootstrap formats could be utilized inside the Laravel Blade motor.

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How To Use ReCAPTCHA In Laravel 5.5 Forms For Validation

To counter this, Laravel 5.5 offers bolster for reCAPTCHA, an industry standard for counteracting spam by significantly improving structure approval abilities. It is a blend of learning and picture acknowledgment construct interpretive reaction situated in light of answer determination.

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How To Setup Laravel Login Authentication In Simple And Easy Steps

Laravel login verification. A vital element of this Laravel 5.5 verification case usage is that it sifts through and produces a mistake at whatever point the validation qualifications (for instance, email or password) are mistakenly entered by the user(s).

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Use Eloquent Illuminate In PHP Without Laravel

Illuminate is Laravel’s database engine minus Laravel. It comes bundled with the Eloquent ORM in Laravel. If you would like to build your PHP apps with ORMs and prefer not to use Laravel, this tutorial is for you.

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How To Setup Elasticsearch With Laravel 5

Elasticsearch is a server-based tool that is capable of full-text searching at a very high speed. If you would like to build search box apps by using Elasticsearch, this tutorial is for you.

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Build An Ecommerce Website With Laravel Aimeos Package

Laravel Aimeos is the open-source bundle for Laravel 5+, enabling the engineers to set up a completely practical online business store that backings 100000+ items. Designers could additionally modify the store to the extraordinary determinations of the client. So we should try it out!

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Laravel Notification System On Slack And Email

Laravel’s notification system is anything but easy to execute because it sends notifications by setting up a solitary class for every notice. This class depicts how to notify users about the message utilizing a specific channel.

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How To Build A Slack Bot Using Laravel

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool co-founded by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov. If you like to build or integrate a slack bot in your app this tutorial helps you.

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How To Setup HTTPS SSL Certificates On Laravel 5

An organization needs to introduce the SSL Certificate onto its web server to start a protected session with programs. Once a safe association is set up, all web movement between the web server and the web program will be secure.

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testing laravel apps

Introduction To Laravel Dusk: Testing Todo App

Laravel Dusk gives an expressive, simple to-utilize program computerization and testing API. As a matter of course, Dusk does not expect you to introduce JDK or Selenium on your machine. If you like to test Laravel apps Laravel Dusk, one of the best practices for testing.

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Front End

Laravel with Front End

Create Live Search In Laravel Using AJAX

In this Laravel tutorial for beginners, I have shown how to make an Ajax driven live search Table in Laravel. The table will generate in real-time and give results based on user input in the search box. I have created a product table and the search bar will carry out a live search through the product titles and display all the related content.

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Create A Comments System With Laravel And Vuejs

Laravel and Vue.js to create something useful at every website – a Laravel comment system. This system is not as real-time as the chatroom but you will be able to see the new comments and replies for a post/page instantly.

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Create A Realtime Chat Room With Laravel, VueJS, And Pusher

Make a chatroom utilizing Laravel Pusher and VueJs. Since these apparatuses are prominent and relatively every engineer has known about them.

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Create A Laravel Vue Single Page App In Under An Hour

The support for Vue.js means that Laravel developers could use Vue components easily within their apps without wasting time in writing integrations for the components. To demonstrate the support, I decided to create a single page app in Laravel with a Vue.js powered frontend.

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Laravel API

How To Create A REST API With Laravel Lumen

Lumen is a micro-framework scale system based over Laravel. The structure is perfect for little applications and administrations that are upgraded for speed. The most essential use of the system is to assemble REST APIs.

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Create A REST API In Laravel With Authentication Using Passport

APIs ordinarily utilize tokens to confirm clients and don’t keep up session state between demands. Laravel makes API validation a breeze utilizing Laravel Passport, which gives a full OAuth2 server usage for your Laravel application in a matter of minutes.

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API Token Creation For Authentication In Laravel

Laravel API token verification, an imperative point in web application and site security. I have covered the premise of API token verification and how effectively you could execute the thought in your undertaking.

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How To Set API Rate Limiting In Laravel

Rate limiting is the control of the number of solicitations per unit time. It can be connected to ports, IPs, courses, and so on when utilized accurately, it can proficiently shut out malignant bots. In the case of our API, it can mitigate DOS attacks, thus, making our API accessible without downtime for legitimate users.

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Laravel based CMS

Laravel based CMS Guide

How To Install PyroCMS On Cloud Hosting Using Cloudways

Laravel is best known for developing highly customizable websites, thanks to powerful Laravel based CMS. To date, Laravel powers several CMS including OctoberCMS, AsgardCMS, and CoasterCMS. If you are interested to integrate PyroCms in Laravel this article helps you.

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Install AsgardCMS On Cloudways In Minutes

Laravel is a famous PHP system that is regularly used to create front line CMS. In this Laravel for beginners guide, I have presented AsgardCMS, a particular multilingual CMS assembled utilizing Laravel 5 and discharged under MIT permit.

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How To Install Doptor CMS On Cloud

Doptor is an open-source CMS and EMS built on top of Laravel 5.1 and features a fully responsive admin panel. Once it is installed, you will get a separate backend, admin area, and a front end.

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How To Install October CMS On Cloud Hosting

To developers, the CMS is solid, extensible through modules, and simple to decorate with outsider themes. Given the prevalence of the CMS, it is critical to see how to introduce October CMS with no issues on Cloud Hosting.

Laravel Performance

Laravel Performance Guide

Laravel Performance Optimization

In this Laravel tutorial for beginners, I have collected several important tips for optimizing Laravel 5.5 apps performance. I believe these tips would prove to of great help to Laravel developers who are responsible for maintaining Laravel powered business apps.

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How To Setup Laravel Application On Cloudways With Redis Cache

Laravel gives various cache drivers like a database, Memcached, and Redis. Out of these alternatives, Redis Cache for Laravel is the best since it is not the same as Memcached as it has determination. If you like to do speedy your laravel apps by using Redis Cache this demo is helpful for you.

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How To Install Laravel Horizon On Cloudways

Laravel Horizon an open-source dashboard application that monitors Laravel Redis lines. The Horizon dashboard is a solitary page application fabricated utilizing Vue.js. The application is intended to give ongoing bits of knowledge into line workloads, late employments, fizzled occupations, work retries, throughput and runtime measurements, and process tallies.

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Q: Is Laravel easy to learn?

A: Depending upon your knowledge of PHP and experience, Laravel has a mid to steep learning curve. However, there are a host of booth free and paid tutorials and training that you can use to bring yourself up to speed.

Q: What is Laravel used for?

A: Laravel is a popular web application development framework that emphasizes rapid application development by providing scaffolding and utilities that take care of routine tasks that take up the development time.

Q: Can I learn Laravel without knowledge of PHP?

A: Laravel is PHP’s framework. It will be really difficult to understand the functions and building blocks of Laravel without having prior knowledge of PHP.

Q: Is it worth learning Laravel in 2021?

A: Laravel is still going strong and has a very active community of users. The market share will only grow in 2021 as more and more developers opt for Laravel as the framework of choice for their projects.

Q: How soon can I learn Laravel?

A: Depends. It depends entirely on your learning schedules and willingness to learn. If you have knowledge of OOP and prior programming experience then it won’t take a lot of time getting used to Laravel for application development.

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