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Blazing Fast Laravel Hosting

Deploy Laravel applications on a powerful cloud hosting that promises 300x faster speed and optimized web performance.

Powerful Laravel Hosting with Tailor-made Solutions

We make your application management easier with our advanced hosting features.

  • 1-click Laravel Install Our platform gives you the ease to launch applications in one click, reducing developers load to install apps manually.
  • Deploy like A Pro We take care of all your deployment hassles and provide you ready made solutions to deploy applications effortlessly.
  • Easy To Optimize We Improve your Laravel app performance with platform’s pre-configured optimization tools including PHP-FPM, Supervisord, Redis & more others.

Best Laravel Hosting Recipe for Robust Apps

Streamline, scale and succeed with our all-inclusive managed Laravel web hosting experience.

SSD-Based Laravel Cloud Hosting

We offer dedicated IP address and SSD-based hosting so you have full control over your server for a continued powerful performance.

Advanced Cache

Our optimized stack comprises of advanced cache technologies including Memcached, Varnish, and Redis for fast content delivery.

Optimized Stack

Our advanced stack uses Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL/MariaDB to speed up your Laravel site with faster processing.

PHP 7 Ready Servers

PHP 7 is the default version on all our servers. Experience the power of PHP 7.x that you get on your Laravel sites.


A CDN service that boosts the response times of your Laravel site, resulting in superior performance. You can integrate it easily in just a few clicks.

HTTP/2 Supported

All our servers are HTTP/2 enabled which reduces the load on servers and secures the communication between web servers and clients.

Dedicated Firewall

Our servers are protected by platform level firewalls and have regular firmware upgrades. This prevents intruders take advantage of vulnerabilities.

1-Click SSL Installation

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate boosts the security of your Laravel site. With our hosting, the trusted certificate can be installed for free.

Auto-Healing Servers

You don’t have to worry about your app crashing. Our auto-healing servers resolve most of the issues.

IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting allows you to set up secure connections with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.

Automated Backups

Set automated backups of any frequency (every 1 hour to every 7 days) or take backups on demand.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds to the security of your Cloudways account, keeping your servers safe from any intruder.

Renowned IaaS Providers

We have a variety of world-class providers, namely GCE, AWS, Vultr, Linode and DigitalOcean with 60+ global data centers.

Block Storage

Extend your server storage space without altering other server parameters with ease. Scale without worrying about data storage space.

Seamless Vertical Scaling

Our 1-Click feature allows you to seamless scale your server storage and RAM without affecting any of the customizations.

No Long-Term Contract

Why pay a fixed amount when you can only pay for what you’ve used. We offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Launch 10+ Apps

We offer convenience and freedom with the option to deploy a number of sites on one server.

Multiple PHP Versions

With the click of a button, you can switch to your desired PHP version. We support PHP 5.6 and the latest versions of PHP 7.

24/7 Expert Support

You’re never alone. Simply type your query and our always active Support Team will sort it out. Our team is active even during the holiday season.

Active Community

We have an active and effective community where experts are always sharing their knowledge and experience.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is a go-to resource for our customers if they need any help related to the platform.

24/7 Ticketing

With our 24/7 ticketing system you can keep track of a particular query as our team of experts care of all the issues.

Managed Migrations

Migrating your application to our managed hosting is not an issue. Let us know about your app and we’ll take care of it.


Our Engineers are experts in identifying bugs. In case there’s a server related issue, contact us and our team will do the magic.

Git Integration

We allow you deploy updated code on live servers as soon as changes occur in the remote repositories via Git auto-deployment.

SSH and SFTP Access

With SSH and SFTP, you can securely access the server and update folders and files for your application. You can even have SFTP credentials for your team.

Application & Server Cloning

You have the convenience to clone the entire server or copy specific sites easily. These copies of databases and files are made on new staging URLs.

One Account Multiple Teams

Our platform allows you to assign one team member to different teams, making it easy to split projects between relevant teams.

Staging Area & URLs

Get the most out of our multiple staging URLs and areas by testing and developing websites.

Add Team Members

Divide work within the team by adding team members and assigning access (full or limited) of your server or app.

We’ll Migrate Your Laravel App for Free!

We’ll move your first Laravel website for free, so you do not have to worry about the migration technicalities.

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Tips for Deploying Laravel to Servers

Quick deployment tips for your Laravel project.

A Tailored Laravel Hosting Solution for Everyone

No matter what you do, you can always trust us with your Laravel sites.

app developers

Solution for Developers

Whether it’s testing or taking a website live, you have complete freedom.

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Solution for

A powerful and scalable solution for business of any size.

app agencies

Solution for Agencies

Focus on the needs of your clients and let us handle your servers.

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Solution for Freelancers

A one-stop solution that serves multiple requirements and diversified customers.

Our Customers. Our Values.

Here’s why Laravel users trust Cloudways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Laravel Hosting is robust enough to handle all kinds of Laravel sites, including large-scale high traffic websites. Check out our Laravel Hosting Benchmarks to see our platform’s performance in action.

Host a Laravel project with us and deploy code from your Git repositories. For this to work, your Git repository must support Git over SSH. You can learn more about: Deploy Code to Your Application Using Git.

Our Managed Hosting allows the deployment of updated code as soon as the changes in the remote repositories occur. You can do this using our API, but it’s essential that Git repository supports Git over SSH. To learn more about the process, please check out How to Automate Git Deployment Using Webhooks on Cloudways.

Yes, we provide Laravel Envoyer support. You can setup Laravel Envoyer for automatic deployment on our platform. To learn about the process, read: Deployment via Laravel Envoyer on Cloudways.

No. All our Laravel Cloud Hosting Plans already have server charges included in the final billed amount. There is NO need to maintain more than one invoices and pay extra for hosting Laravel projects on Cloudways.

We provide 24/7 always-available Live Chat support by our cloud hosting experts. Our customer success team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and ticketing system.

We do not compromise on security. This is why we have hardened the security of our Laravel hosting to industry standards. Furthermore, there is a platform-wide firewall which ensures data safety and security.

In addition, we upgrade the version of packages as soon as the security update is out. All these measures are supported by an automated backup mechanism where all backup data is stored in an offsite location.

We provide Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for free on all managed Laravel servers of Cloudways. The process of installing these certificates is simple and very hassle-free. All our customers can now enable free certificates with just a click.

However, you can also setup your own SSL certificates when hosting a Laravel project on Cloudways. To learn more about the process, check out: How Can I Get an SSL Certificate for My Application and How to Install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate.

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