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How to Plan the Right Ecommerce Campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 17, 2016

5 Min Read
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Marketing Personnel is given the charge to pan out the best Holiday season deals and strategies. Equipped with prolific (that is what they think) marketing campaigns and content strategies, these marketers try their hand in skyrocketing their sales. However, things usually don’t turn out the way you want it to be. Some factors can influence this sudden turn of events, and mind you; results can be devastating.

Long hours and endless brainstorming can go in vain, in just a few hours. You never know what might work, and what might give you the desired results. Indecision, second-guessing, and risking it all in, are some thoughts that come to my mind when I think about revenue during the Holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce Tips

On the other hand, holidays and other special events are a good opportunity to bank on, for your revenue growth. A clean execution and proper planning are your keys to success. I looked up some effective Holiday season campaigns and noticed a peculiar pattern. That pattern had some specific going right for them. After studying these campaigns, I have concluded that it is best to follow the basics first and then decide to innovate.

Before any holiday season campaign, do proper research to identify your leads and their buying patterns. In other words, you need to identify the buyer persona before working out a holiday selling strategy. This approach is simple and timesaving. In fact, it not just saves time, but money is also a valuable factor that you can save.

During my research, I found some valuable pointers that would make a good holiday campaign even better. I am going to share that knowledge with you so that you can design a good holiday campaign for your ecommerce store. Moreover, the reason to publish this before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush is actually to help you in doing the last minute optimizations.

Let’s get started!

Whom Are You Targeting?

Target Your Audience

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An insightful persona analysis will give a bright idea of what is your potential market. This analysis indicates the behavior of your audience. Keep a close eye on it. A campaign designed according to the needs of your buyer persona will certainly get some eyes rolling.

While using style, Facebook is your best friend (medium) as it has the right metrics to focus on what is necessary. Facebook offers a complete list of demographics, interests, and behaviors for targeted ad campaigns. Go check it out for yourself.

Schedule it Right

Schedule it right

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Whatever you plan, plan it perfect. To make it perfect, you need to choose the right time. For your information, planning is the key. Prepare a content calendar and start early, work on creating a good hype, enter the season with a bang, and end it with a big fish.

Enough fun, let’s talk about some work. Shall we? So, creating a content calendar aids in giving your brand a direction. It eliminates the intricacies of distracting job roles and avoids the state of being caught up in a haphazard situation. You can look up for these content calendar templates over the internet.

Try to cover as many topics as possible but don’t spray it around, choose a domain to work around. You can also collaborate with bloggers of similar domains. It is a smart way of list sharing.

Keep a Good Track

Track Your Campaign

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Tracking your campaign is a way to evaluate its success. With accurate tracking, you can assess if your work was a success or not. It also determines the factors that need improvement and what factors have worked well. The Internet offers some tools for you to keep a tab on your campaigns. Some are free like Google Analytics; some might cost a little like Hootsuite and Hubspot, but this cost would be very less as compared to what you might spend on a detrimental marketing stint.

You can use a combination of these to get your way. The choice is yours.

Improvise, Innovate, and Invent

Be Innovative

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Now is the time to pull up your socks and improvise your techniques. What can you do with that? Simple, just do the needful. Let me make it very precise for you; we live in a world of technology and revolution. Gone are the days when marketing required a billboard and some posters, this is the age of digitalization. By that I mean, you have to keep everything very focused and well suited to the situation.

Start with a Great Headline

A Good Headline is Necessary

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A good headline is a good head start; often marketers pays attention to writing an effective content but fail to give it a good headline. My question is, How to make your headline better? Well, there is no particular science to this; nobody yet has been able to break this code of an attractive headline. As far as I have known, using the right adjective works well, if it describes your product completely. This is just one way, though, if you want a better solution, follow the third point of this post. Keep a good track of your campaigns and strategies and evaluate which works best.

Run a Contest

Run A Social Contest

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A successful social media campaign tends to appeal to the aspirations of its persona. A prolific content strategy can be; running a social media contest because it provides an opportunity to engage your audience, share your insights, and hopefully, help you to run a good show. This tip, usually helps in more engagements as users invest their time and efforts to win a prize.

But. But. But.

If a contest lacks authenticity, OH! Somebody is losing a lot of juice (customers). So, don’t cheat your customers, be fair. Mind it.

Add Value or Go Home

Serve Your Customers

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In a longer run, brands working for the benefit of their users get the best out of their personas. A brand that values their customers and offers expert opinions to their concerns that is a fact. Passing knowledge along, in fact, establishes a bond of trust between the brand and the consumer.

Carry On

To be honest, the ultimate goal of content marketing or running a campaign whatsoever is customer engagement. Isn’t it a simple idea? I guess yes. However, many marketers fail to comprehend the worthy of this domain and invest the wrong resources to it. The best practice is to carry on, and keep up with the flow. What do I mean by this? Never stop, persevere.

A brand’s’ reputation is its life. Up your social media presence, interact more, and act more transparent.

A Final thought

Designing a social media campaign can be a painstaking task, but if you plan it right, you might reap the right benefits out of it. You can utilize the tailored tactics that I have suggested, or you can plan something of your own, no pressure. However, be creative with what you are doing, that holds the key to your success.

Any bright ideas? Share with us 🙂


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Danial Khan

Danial is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He primarily looks after the Brand related Content of Cloudways. He likes listening to music, is a foodie and loves to play cricket.

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