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Joomla Cloud hosting on 25% Discount at Cloudways Click&Go Plans

Updated on  25th February

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Joomla! An award winning open source application enables users build websites and powerful applications, incorporating content management and enterprise content management systems that power nearly 4% of all the global websites. Providing vast amount of features with easy to use extensibility, Joomla’s highly functional structure rarely lefts things that you cannot do. This is what sets Joomla apart and has made it a perfect application framework for individuals, entrepreneurs and large enterprises.

Discount on Joomla Hosting

Joomla Cloud Hosting by Cloudways

With this fact in mind Cloudways has come up with an efficient, cost efficient solution to keep you at pace with rapidly expanding eCommerce  Now, manufacturing your dream application or website is possible with Joomla as Cloudways puts this Powerful Cloud application in your hands in one click with its new Discount offer on Click&Go package. Joomla Cloud Hosting by Cloudways uses the preconfigured and managed Joomla platform. This enhanced technology on cloud when combined with features of 24/7 availability and increased scalability enables businesses to enhance their internal processes and prevent costly overheads.

Nevertheless, with the new discount promotion, users get a 25% off on Joomla Cloud Hosting of Cloud ways which reasonably is another addition to the very cost effective Click&Go package of Cloudways. Joomla Cloud hosting by Cloudways is not only limited to the aforementioned attributes, instead user are able to attain plenty more services too. For your insight some features are given below.

Features of Joomla Cloud Hosting By Cloudways

Joomla Cloud hosting via Cloudways is an answer to your queries for managing your daily Joomla operations in a most proficient manner. Cloudways in this regard has developed a special plan in its Click& Go package that provides you a lot more scope to excel in your business. The package comprises of 100+ preconfigured applications that you can utilize while using Joomla as a platform. Apart from this your Joomla Cloud Hosting on Cloudways will have.

  • Proficient Data Backup and Recovery plans to ensure 100% uptime incase of data crash or at times of such of fallacy
  • Customized CDN Configuration that gives you an upper edge over your competition.
  • Complete Apache and MySQL performance tuning to ensure fast loading.
  • Infinite supportive space on Cloud for your applications which otherwise you cannot find on regular Servers.
  • You are able to perform Custom Web Development on Joomla platform with 100% optimized resources.
  • Real time Scalability of resources also allows you to save ample amount of money for your future business prospects.
  • Through integration of 3rd party CRM and apps your business gets added benefits.
  • Fool proof and ironclad security ensures the safety of your data and assets.
  •  Constant monitoring, support and backups ensures 99.99% efficiency in load balancing during traffic spikes
  • Your Joomla Cloud hosting is equipped with the newest Joomla extensions and plug-ins and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Not only this, your managed Joomla Cloud hosting on Cloud is also equipped with the self managed and fully managed control of your system administrations via the Click&Go package.


Click&Go Self Managed

Self managed Joomla Cloud Hosting lets users perform their system administrative services on their own. Through this Plan users can take control of the deployment of applications as well as their managing and monitoring through an easy to use Console.

Click&Go Fully Managed 

Fully managed Joomla Cloud Hosting even relieves users of the aforementioned tasks. Through this plan users can sit back, Relax and keep their potential focused only in their business Core, while the professional techies at Cloudways manage and monitor their system administrations.


So give a Kick start to your business through the proficient Joomla Cloud hosting at Cloudways and stay away from the hassle of software and hardware installations required in regular hosting of any website. All this and more can be at your disposal if you avail Joomla Cloud hosting from Cloudways on 25% Discount. So subscribe to the Click&Go package of Cloudways for a managed Joomla Cloud Hosting or get a firsthand experience of the highly reliable, secure and scalable Cloud environment via a Free Trial.



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