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Managed Kyup Container-as-a-Service Won’t Let Your Website Down

April 13, 2017

5 Min Read
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Website traffic is sure to surge. When it goes up, it can bring a server down if there’s too much load.

As a business owner, you would be busy in running campaigns and you never remember to scale your server. With Cloudways Managed Kyup Hosting by your side, you can leave the auto-scaling worries behind.

Yes, you can now launch scalable containers using the Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting from Cloudways.

We have been testing the integration of Kyup’s container based cloud hosting internally. Now, after much testing and stability improvements, we have integrated the secure container based Kyup Cloud within the Platform as the fifth cloud infrastructure provider.

What is Kyup?

Kyup gets its roots from the Bulgarian language, originally meaning “containers”.

It provides a secure Linux-based container hosting. It is not a new concept as Google has been using containers for their search engine from quite some time now. However, it is still an evolving concept and that is why we are going to talk a bit about it.

What are Containers?

Containers are lightweight virtual machines but are much more elastic as compared to traditional hypervisor virtualization. The server is prepped up in a few minutes with auto-scaling without a reboot, SSD storage with replication factor 3 and a lot more.

Container-based hosting is relatively new to the complex web hosting scene. It is that one technology which picked a lot of steam in the past year but still has a reputation of being the newest innovative hosting solution in the web hosting domain.

The main advantage of a container is that you will be able to do more with fewer resources. This makes container based hosting a great option for a large variety of users, especially those looking for secure, auto-scale options.

With container based hosting, you receive the benefit of full virtualization. You can partition today’s modern servers into smaller instances and then share them in a secure way. However, there is one advantage which supersedes all other advantages over a full OS virtualization – Bare Metal Performance. Unlike a hypervisor, containers do not emulate PC hardware, enabling the host OS to secure the operating environment and natively run the applications.

All this seems a bit too good to be true. So we will go through some benefits, in simple language, to educate our readers as to just why Cloudways Managed Container Based Kyup Hosting is such a great option for a large variety of users.

Why Use Cloudways Managed Container Based Hosting?

Launching your container based Kyup cloud with Cloudways will not only provide you a secure environment for you web applications but offers a lot more. Here is why the Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting from Cloudways is a formidable choice for you.

1. Smart Auto-Scaling

The auto-scaling feature enables businesses to focus on marketing their promotions, sales events, and other special launch features without worrying about a blackout.

Managed Kyup Containers by Cloudways gives users the option to sit back, launch their campaigns and market them to their target audience without worrying about a downtime or a glitch as the auto-scale takes place without the user noticing anything about it. The system is configured to auto-scale your resources—CPU and RAM—when a certain threshold is reached.

Here the best. Cloudways keeps an eye on the container size according to requirements. If the need of a bigger server is not required anymore, the platform will shrink the size as required. During this exercise, there is no downtime or human intervention required.

You can learn more about the auto-scaling feature, policies, and restrictions by going through this knowledge base entry.

2. Speed Matters

Containers make use of fewer resources to do more. They don’t go through extra computational steps that VM’s go through. Instead, containers just load up the applications you need to run in the secure zone. Containers a pretty impressive time-saver, especially when you need to do a security update.

3. Consistency

Containers are consistent in all of their operations. They can be scaled vertically without downtime and without any improvement to the architecture. This makes the auto scaling feature of Kyup’s container based hosting on Cloudways a much more affordable and simpler option for a number of users, especially ecommerce owners.

4. Seamless Performance

Google uses containers for their hosting solutions. And Google Compute Engine on our Cloudways Managed Platform hardly reports a downtime. This goes to show that Cloudways Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting will offer unmatched performance benefits to the users. We already provide a hosting stack powered by the optimization recipe of ThunderStack, this only adds to the benefits users can reap from the Kyup Cloud infrastructure on Cloudways.

5. Disruptive Pricing

Containers infrastructure costs less than virtual machines. The amount of elasticity offered by containers make it easier for IT professionals to spin up a container and use it for the hike in traffic and then downscale when you are done. This results in a much flexible payment method, enabling the users to pay exactly for what they use, instead of being charged for overheads for a set period of time.

For this very reason, prices of Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting at Cloudways start from as low as $21.11.

These benefits are all in addition to the number of other benefits that are on offer if you are a Cloudways customer. Benefits like 24×7 Premium Support, Real-time insights with CloudwaysBot, Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt, Unlimited Applications Install, a multitude of web applications including CMS, Ecommerce Builders, CRMs, PHP Stack, and a host of other features which you can find out about on our features page. And they all come at no extra cost.

How to Get Started With Kyup?

Hosting your application on Cloudways Managed Kyup Cloud Hosting is easy and takes only a few minutes to get started. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Select your application from the drop-down menu and fill out the required details.
  2. Select Kyup from the list of Cloud Infrastructure providers.
  3. Select Your Server Size, RAM, and Data Storage. While selecting, keep a check on the prices of the server.
  4. Select your data-center location while keeping in mind your target audience.

HIT LAUNCH! Now go make a coffee as your Cloudways Managed Container Based Kyup Cloud will be ready in a few minutes.

Launch KYUP on Cloudways

So, what are you waiting for?

Start piling up your containers through the Cloudways Container Hosting with Kyup and reap the benefits of container based clouds for your businesses.

P.S. If I were you, an online business or a store owner, I would spin up a container right now to take advantage of auto-scaling before the holiday season! 😉

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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