Interview Kim Doyal

Interview With Kim Doyal: Read Why Is She Known As WP Chick?

Waseem Abbas Knowledge Center July 30, 2014 4 Comments
WordPress (WP) industry is full of smart folks and Kim Doyal is one of them. She is also known as “WP Chick”. Kim is well known in WP industry due to her generous atti ...
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Pick One Of These Best WordPress Responsive Themes To Give Your Website A Stunning Look!

Salman Mehdi Knowledge Center July 28, 2014 3 Comments
Themes have become an integral component of WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System. There are so many themes available in the WordPress repository that it becom ...
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WordPress WordCamp Infographic 2014 Schedule - Thumb

Infographic: WordPress WordCamp Events in 2014 (Aug to Sep)

Waseem Abbas Knowledge Center July 25, 2014 0 Comments
A few months back, we posted a WordCamp Infographic for the schedule for a period of three months. We are glad that many of our friends from the WordPress community shared this in ...
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Advanced WordPress: Why Every WordPress Developer Must Join it?

Matt Cromwell Knowledge Center July 23, 2014 6 Comments
Editor’s Note: We thank Matt Cromwell and the Advance WordPress admin group for this blog contribution. Being a web developer or a designer (or both) can be stand-alone job f ...
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Education-as-a-Service: See How Moodle Is Transforming Education

Salman Mehdi Knowledge Center July 22, 2014 0 Comments
Market-oriented education is the need of the hour. The fast changing trends within the business market have forced the global universities to transform their curriculum to adapt to ...
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WordPress 4.0 Beta 2: Smoother Editing Experience

Waseem Abbas Cloudways Lab July 21, 2014 0 Comments
A few days back, we tested WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 and became one of the first WordPress hosting platforms to review the features of new release. Today, we reviewed WordPress 4.0 Bet ...
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5 Things British Web Developers Can’t Live Without

Saad Durrani Cloudways News & Updates July 18, 2014 0 Comments
Four of these things are important, but the fifth is very new, yet very essential. ...
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7 Basic WP-Config Tweaks That You Should Know

Syed Maad Jahangir Knowledge Center July 16, 2014 0 Comments
WP-config.php file is the backbone of entire WordPress installation. Most importantly, this file saves the values for database, database users and their passwords, and the host. It ...
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