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25 Years Strong: Sirius Interactive Chooses Cloudways for Uninterrupted Service and Growth


Sirius Interactive

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Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan
Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan
Chief Executive Officer

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About Sirius Interactive

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With 25 years of experience, Sirius Interactive, a web design leader, encountered limitations with their old hosting provider as their business flourished. Cloudways came to the rescue, offering a user-friendly platform that streamlined server management, freeing up the Sirius Interactive team to focus on their core design expertise.

Furthermore, Cloudways ensured lightning-fast website speeds, a critical factor for user experience and client satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased sales. Additionally, the agency benefited from Cloudways’ cost-effective pricing plans and globally distributed server networks.

Looking ahead, Sirius Interactive views Cloudways as a strategic partner for continued growth. They’re particularly enthusiastic about Cloudways Autonomous, a new feature promising even greater efficiency. “Cloudways is essential,” says their CEO. Together, they’re poised for a future of innovation and exceptional client service.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about Sirius Interactive and its journey as a web design agency? What sets you apart in the creative landscape?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: We continue to serve many brands in different sectors for 25 years. We pass on our experiences to our customers . One of our distinguishing features is that we can provide solutions to our customers in design/software processes, regardless of sector.

Cloudways: You faced significant client growth, but your previous hosting couldn’t keep up. How did Cloudways help you scale up effortlessly?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: In the past, we had to hire technical experts or get consultancy from server management companies to put our servers live. We were allocating cost and time for this. Now, we can set up a server and publish our projects in minutes. When we need it, we can reach Cloudways experts within minutes.

At the same time, it is very important that our servers operate uninterruptedly and error-free. We were experiencing outages in the data center from which we received service. We don’t experience any of these anymore.

Cloudways: Can you share any quantifiable results the agency has achieved since using Cloudways (e.g., reduced website downtime, improved load times, etc.)?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: Certainly. We can set up a server and open applications very quickly. At the same time, the speed of opening websites of optimized servers is very good. Therefore, we can move very quickly. In this way, we did not need to fill in the technical engineers from our team.

Cloudways: Website speed is crucial for conversions. How did Cloudways’ optimized servers impact your client’s site performance and ROI?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: Everyone wants their websites to load fast. Cloudways is really good at this. Server optimization and caching services are in very good condition. All our customers are very satisfied with this issue.


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Cloudways: Budget planning is always a juggling act. Did Cloudways offer any cost-saving benefits compared to your previous hosting solution?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: Definitely yes. We no longer need high RAM and CPU Usage. We can upgrade our machines within minutes according to our needs. We pay less budget than before.

Cloudways: Some of your clients cater to international audiences. How did Cloudways’ global server network help you overcome geographical limitations?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: The seamless access to our websites from all over the world is incredible. Global borders do not limit us to any of the customers we serve. We are grateful.

Cloudways: Data security is important for both you and your clients. How did Cloudways’ security measures give you peace of mind?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: The system is in very good condition in terms of data security . Our team can define IP addresses on the server and work remotely when needed. In this way, we can provide access with minimal risk. We are very comfortable with website backups . If there is any technical problem, we can go back from backups.

Cloudways: Technical hiccups happen. How did Cloudways’ support team handle any issues you encountered, and how responsive were they?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: You are the team I have received the fastest support from so far. Even though we speak the same language in our own country, we cannot get such a fast response via phone and support records. The team can actually solve the problem as quickly as possible. All we have to do is answer the questions asked.

Cloudways: Looking ahead, how do you think Cloudways Autonomous will further empower your agency to take on more projects and achieve even greater success?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: This feature is truly excellent. It is incredible to be able to use such a service on websites with high visitor traffic .

Currently, Autonomous is only available in WordPress projects, but we would love to have it work in Laravel projects as well. In this way, we can see the convenience of providing comfortable service even in very large traffic situations in more of our projects.

Cloudways: With Cloudways on board, what exciting growth opportunities do you see for your agency and clients in the coming years?

Do─čan ─░smail ─░nan: It is very important to always provide uninterrupted service in the developing technology and growing market. Competition is huge. In this sense, Cloudways has become an indispensable part of us. Our goal is to provide service to many more customers with a larger number of our servers.

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