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Dedicated Servers With Firewall Protection
Easy Git Deployment
Daily Managed Backups
Install Unlimited Websites

Scalable PHP Hosting

99,521+ PHP Apps Deployed

Control your server and applications in just a few clicks. Cloudways is the only PHP Hosting Platform that combines the freedom of dedicated servers with the ease and agility of PHP PaaS.

  • Managed Security
  • Built-in DB Manager
  • Managed Backups
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Nginx PHP-FPM
  • Blazing Fast PHP 7 Hosting
  • Easy Git and SSL
  • SSH & SFTP Access

Optimized Cloud Hosting Stack for PHP App Deployment

Cloudways ThunderStack is the powerful combination of MySQL/MariaDB, Apache, Nginx, Memcached, and Varnish with optional Redis. If deployed properly, an app can become 100% faster.

Frameworks and CMS’s on Managed Web Hosting In Few Clicks

Deploy Multiple Applications on DigitalOcean, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Vultr, Kyup and Linode

No More PHP Hosting Headaches

API Integrations

PHP Hosting Platform comes with a powerful API which allows you to automate essential server and application functions. You can easily integrate third-party applications, like Slack, using the Cloudways API.

Managed Security

Server-side security is our job. You only need to focus on building your app. Our experts will keep your server safe by duly applying security fixes, OS updates, and firmware patches. We have got your back!

Cron Jobs

Managed PHP Hosting comes pre-embedded with a Cron-Job manager that allows you to automate some of the functions on your server. The Cron Job manager is easy to configure and starts execution in just a few clicks.

DB Manager

To deploy an efficient web application, you always require a management tool for your database. Thanks to our built-in DB Manager, you can easily manage your databases from the browser. No installations needed!

Easier Team Collaboration

Our PHP Hosting Platform, understand that a great team is essential to achieve success. You can now assign your preferred roles to your team members according your needs. You can even isolate applications from team members.

Integrated Git and SSH

Everyone is working on Git these days and you can do so on PHP Hosting. Oh yeah, we have built-in manager for all important stack settings. Plus, you get SSH & SFTP Access.


What PHP Experts Have To Say

Here are the thoughts of industry influencers, you be the judge!

Globally Available PHP Hosting

Host Your PHP Applications On Cloud In Any Of The Available Global Regions

24x7 Always Available Support by Cloud Professionals

The Cloudways Customer Success Team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and Ticketing System

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All our PHP Cloud Hosting Plans already have hosting charges included in them. No need to pay extra!

Yes, you can! Our PHP cloud servers are vertically scalable which means you can increase or decrease the size of the server.

This can be done easily via our Platform. Additionally, if you do not want to use the vertical scaling feature, and have a website that receives an influx of traffic, then you can use the auto-scalable container based Kyup cloud infrastructure that scales the resources when the need arises.

Our PHP Hosting Platform is robust enough to handle all kinds of PHP applications, including large-scale websites.

Additionally, with infrastructure availability from Kyup, the auto-scalable container hosting provider, your apps get scaled automatically when the need is sensed by the system.

Well, the PHP Cloud Hosting Platform has a great administration console. The console allows you to easily deploy more clouds and applications. Through it, you can deploy FREE SSL from Let’s Encrypt on websites hosted on PHP cloud servers.

You can also point domain names and run critical services for Varnish, Memcached, Apache, Nginx, and database, MySQL or MariaDB. Furthermore, we have a lightweight DB Manager which lets you handle your database through your web browser.

In addition to all this, you get the publicly available Cloudways API for server automations; Cloudways, a real-time cloud insight provider; PHP-FPM, Automatic Backups, Auto-Scalable PHP Cloud Platform, and much more.

We do not compromise on security. This is why we harden all PHP cloud servers hosted on our platform.

Furthermore, we have deployed a platform-wide firewall which ensures data safety and security. Plus, we patch servers as soon as the security update is out. We also have an automated backup mechanism where all of the backup data is stored on an offsite location.

Well, our PHP cloud experts are waiting to assist you in the migration. Be noted, that first managed migration for each account is FREE of charge.

You can request for a managed migration from your console. Click here for more details.

Hey, thanks for noticing. :) Well, our PHP Cloud Hosting Platform is faster because of our magnificent ThunderStack technology. We make sure that all Applications on our Cloud Platform are optimized for performance.

This technology, which is served on all PHP cloud servers, is developed by combining the excellent features of Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx. You get up to 100% faster load times, thanks to the ThunderStack technology.

Working with our PHP stack gives you the freedom to be flexible and you can work your way around as you want.

You can learn more about the possibilities of Cloudways PHP Stack by going through this article.