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Top Ecommerce Influencers on Twitter You Cannot Afford to Miss

Updated on  9th August

13 Min Read
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“Learn from the experts. Study successful men and women and do what they do and you will be successful too.”Brian Tracy

If you are an ecommerce merchant, enthusiast, upcoming startup owner, or simply looking to learn about the online commerce world, then you need to follow these influencers. These individuals share solid advice on all things ecommerce.

Ecommerce Influencers

Follow their tweets, engage with them, and learn from their experiences. Read their blogs and engage with them on their spaces to broaden your knowledge base of ecommerce.

(By the way, this is just a list with no ranking or endorsement of any type. If you know something that should be on the list, then let us know about them in the comments section below.)

Zia Daniell Wigder

zia daniell

Follow @zdwigder

Zia Daniell is the Senior Vice President and Head of Content at Shoptalk. She is a leading expert on the globalization of ecommerce and digital businesses.

Linda Bustos

linda bustos

Follow @edgacentlinda

Blog writer at @ecomillustrated and formerly wrote for one of the top ecommerce blogs, GetElastic, and is currently the Co-founder of @edgacent, an ecommerce advisory firm.

Andrew Youderian

andrew youderian

Follow @youderian

Andrew is the founder of ecommercefuel, a private online forum for 6 to 7 figure online store owners. He is also an established blogger and podcast host, where he consistently shares news, tips, and tricks related to ecommerce, businesses, and how to be your own boss.

Kunle Campbell

kunle campbell

Follow @KunleTCampbell

Kunle Campbell is an ecommerce advisor that help online retail businesses to experience 2X growth. He hosts a podcasts at 2XeCommerce. He is also one of the influencers in the field that have multi-directional abilities. Follow him on twitter to get the most unique news.

Bruno Levesque

bruno levesque

Follow @bruno42

Bruno Levesque is the co-founder and CEO of Prestashop, one of the leading e-commerce solution powering 250,000+ ecommerce stores worldwide. Bruno is a real inspiration for anyone looking to start their ecommerce business. You can follow him on twitter and get inspired on daily basis, specially if you are a fan of open source innovation.

Richard Lazazzera

richard lazarreza

Follow @RichardABLS

Richard Lazazzera gives some awesome advice on entrepreneurship and online retailing at A Better Lemonade Stand and was also a part of the Blog Team at Shopify.

Drew Sanocki

drew sanocki

Follow @drewsanocki

Drew was the owner of DesignPublic before selling it off. He is now a growth advisor for ecommerce executives. He blogs for

Rand Fishkin

rand fishkin

Follow @randfish

If you are familiar with the online community, then you must be well aware about what Rand Fishkin does. He is the founder, author, and blogger at If you are looking for SEO optimization tips for your ecommerce store, you now know where to head! And, then we have the popular, White Board Fridays.

Austin Brawner

austin brawner

Follow @a_brawn

Austin is the founder of Ecommerce Influence and has compiled some great marketing tools and growth strategies for ecommerce businesses.

Chad Vanags

chad vanags

Follow @ChadVanags

Chad is the Chief Digital Marketing Analyst at Ecommerce Influence and is Master Level Certified in the same. He helps online retailers get actionable insights from their web analytics and convert them into profitable customers.

Armando Roggio

armando roggio

Follow @EcommerceBoy

Armando is the lead writer at EcommerceBoy.Net and one of the most senior contributors for Practical Ecommerce, one of the leading ecommerce blogs. He is also the lead of Marketing and Ecommerce at D&B Supply.

Ryan BeMiller

ryan bemiller

Follow @shopsignals

Ryan needs to be a part of your RSS feed. He brings with him a solid 13+ years of experience that includes focused inbound ecommerce marketing strategy. Follow him to get access to some awesome tips and tricks for your ecommerce marketing.

Jay Baer

jay baer

Follow @jaybaer

Jay Baer is currently the President of Convince & Convert and his Digital skills have served more than 500 companies across the globe. He is also a New York Times best author for his books, which includes Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype. Along with all these, he is also the host of a popular Social Pros Podcast.

Hendrik Laubscher

hendrik laubscher

Follow @henlaub

On his own blog, Hendrik describes himself in this fashion: “eCommerce is what drives me and I love data. I write blog posts because it helps me think about all things related to eCommerce, social commerce and comparison shopping engines. I believe in the web and eCommerce as being an extension of retail.” This is a clear indication that Hendrik is completely devoted to ecommerce, analytics, and retail markets globally, specially South Africa, as he belongs to this developing market.

Hannah Stacey

hannah stacey

Follow @hanstacey

From producing well researched articles on everything related to ecommerce, like cart abandonment, user experience, and e-mail newsletters, Hannah is managing the Content Marketing at Ometria. She also has roundups that look after various stores using strategies that are successful in gaining user attractions.

Tracey Wallace

tracey wallace

Follow @tracewall

Tracey is attributed to have turned things around for the BigCommerce blog ever since she joined them back in October 2014. She is currently the Editor in Chief for them and produces some meaningful content related to ecommerce.

Michael Anderson

michael anderson

Follow @TeamEtail

Michael has been featured as a presenter several times at the Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs along with other ecommerce conferences as well. His presentations have earned a lot of appreciation from the listeners as his content is filled with inside hacks, innovative tips and the latest news related to ecommerce. He is also the co-founder of Etail Solutions, a management software provider for mid to high volume online merchants.

Nathan Huppatz

nathan huppatz

Follow  @huppy

Nathan won the #RetailGlobalAU 2016 Excellence Award for his ecommerce businesses. He is the co-founder of Readytoship, a B2B tool which helps automate the manual parts of the shipping process for ecommerce stores. In addition to this, he is also the co-founder at, an ecommerce store for people looking to buy costumes for special events such as Halloween. An ecommerce store owner himself, Nathan is an expert on retail and ecommerce in Australia, but his experience is helping businesses get into the growing strategy.

Glori Blatt

glori blatt

Follow  @gloriousbe

Glori Blatt is currently leading Ecommerce & Marketing at GRIT (Global Research Innovation and Technology). She is now a established voice in the field of ecommerce. Follow her to get a genuine content on ecommerce and learn from her experience as she helps people to launch an online store.

Chris Brogan

chris brogan

 Follow  @chrisbrogan

According to Chris Brogan: “Don’t settle: Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.” This quote from Chris testifies his experience as a renowned speaker and publisher. He is also currently the CEO of Owner Media Group and has been a proponent encouraging people to do what they love and not follow what others are saying.

Charlie McBroom

Charlie mcbroom

Follow @McEcommerce

Charlie is well versed with the ecommerce industry and has closely watched ecommerce behemoths like Amazon and eBay boom. He is the co-founder of ‘Fitted Commerce‘ and is very vocal about his entrepreneurship journey and making it in the ecommerce world in general. For you dreamers out there, this man is a must to follow!

Ian Cleary

ian cleary

Follow  @IanCleary

Ian has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry and is now a social media evangelist, helping transform businesses with Razor Social. Ian is also a renown speaker and shares about how businesses can utilize social media to attract customers.

Annie Cushing

annie cushing

Follow @anniecushing

Knowing about your Data is now the name of the game. To understand about the why and how of data and analytics, Annie Cushing is your go-to girl. Annie spends more of her time publishing informative articles on her blog. Follow her to learn everything about analytics.

Brian Dean

brian dean

Follow  @backlinko

Brian Dean is the brains behind Backlinko, a go-to resource for all things SEO. Brian’s blog has articles that teach successful optimization techniques that can help any business in getting more visitors. More visitors would mean more customers, which would eventually mean more buyers.

 John Chow

john chow

Follow  @johnchow

John Chow does not need any introductions. He was one of the pioneers of the of the Dot com era, and was one of those few who took his blog from $0 to over $40,000 per month in a span of 2 years. You can follow him to read tons of information on how to scale your business.

Pat Flynn

pat flynn

Follow @patflynn

If someone made a multi-million empire after being fired, then that person is a definite influencer. Pat Flynn is one of those geniuses who made a life out of generating passive income from his blog. The blog is packed with useful articles about SEO, social media, and motivation.

Kristi Hines

kristi hines

Follow @kikolani

Kristi Hines is active on Social Media Examiner, CrazyEgg and Search Engine Watch. Follow her to get marketing, SEO, and creative strategies that will help you increase your ecommerce sales.

John Jantsch

john jantsch

Follow @ducttape

Microsoft, HP, and Ebay are just some of the companies that have listened to what John had to say in his speeches. He is an acclaimed speaker, author and guru of marketing. I am sure you can gain a lot from his blog, specially from the free ebooks he has for readers.

Tara Johnson

tara johnson

Follow @cpc_tara

Tara writes about ecommerce, data, and social media and covers these topics in a thorough detail. Currently, she is the lead report for CPC Strategy.

Atalay Keleştemur

atalay kelestemur

Follow  @sakelestemur

Atalay is responsible for the Shopio blog and keeps updating it with the latest news and tips about ecommerce. He is a must follow for every ecommerce enthusiast.

Jon Loomer

jon loomer

Follow @jonloomer

If you are looking to utilize Facebook for your ecommerce sales, then Jon Loomer is the guy to go to, irrespective of whether you are starting out or looking to increase your current conversions.

Tim Peter

tim peters

Follow @tcpeter

Tim is one of the pioneers in the ecommerce industry and started out as early as 1995. His ecommerce and internet marketing consulting firm, Tim Peter & Associates, has helped a lot of businesses strike the right strategy for them.

Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield

Follow @amyporterfield

Amy Porterfield is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and a social media strategist, helping online businesses with their marketing efforts. Her podcasts have helped a lot of online ventures create the right brand awareness. They are a must listen!

Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton

Follow @gcharlton

Graham is a blogger who widely writes on Ecommerce-related topics. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief at SaleCycle, a blog relating to Ecommerce and behavioural marketing. Over the years, he has also written some excellent blogs for Econsultancy on Ecommerce, email marketing, mobile marketing and SEO. He is the man to follow for latest updates in Ecommerce Industry.

Dan Barker

Dan Barker

Follow @danbarker

Dan is a freelance Ecommerce consultant who has helped many business grow in UK, US, Europe and Asia-pacific. Starting his career as a software developer, he is now a leading Ecommerce consultant in the industry and has worked with more than 50 Ecommerce companies.

Gianluca Diegoli

Gianluca Diegoli

Follow @gluca

Gianluca Diegoli is an Ecommerce author, a public speaker and an expert. He blogs around Ecommerce  at minimarketing & Il Sole 24 Ore. He is also a professor at IULM University, Italy.

Branden Moskwa

Branden Moskwa

Follow @bmoskwa

Branden rightly calls himself an Ecommerce Intelligence Agent. He was the finalist at  TD & Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards 2015. He regularly blogs and hosts podcast to share various tips & tricks on how to go around Ecommerce industry. He is someone you might want to follow.

Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier

Follow @MarshaCollier

Marsha Collier is the author of more than 40 books, mostly written on Ecommerce and digital marketing. She has also been featured in Forbes top 10 Furturest. Ms. Collier blogs and hosts podcast to help businesses grow and prosper. Follow her for all the industry insights on Ecommerce.

Ricardo Tayar

Ricardo Tayar

Follow @rtayar

Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of Flat 101 helping businesses with in Ecommerce, online transaction and Development of digital products. The man is an Ecommerce expert and runs a personal blog by his name. Connect with him for all tips and tricks on Ecommerce.

Dr Dave Chaffey

Follow @lakey

Dr. Dave is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of online marketing advice publisher He has written bestselling books on digital marketing, Ecommerce and digital business. He is a must-follow guy who is an expert in the industry.

Jason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey

Follow @DelRey

Jason Del Rey is an experienced Ecommerce journalist. He is a Senior Editor Commerce at Recode where he covers amazon, Ecommerce and payment. He has been a business journalist since he joined  Inc. magazine in 2007. Follow him on Twitter to stay updated with the latest happenings of Ecommerce industry.

Web Smith

Web Smith

Follow @web

Web Smith is the director of Ecommerce at  @GearPatrol. He is the Founder & Editor of 2PMLinks, which is a daily letter with curated links and quick commentary on brands, data, and Ecommerce. He also co-founded Mizzen+Main in 2012 and has strong command on knowledge related to Ecommerce industry.

Peep Laja

Peep Laja

Follow @peeplaja

Peep Laja is the champ of conversion optimization. He is the founder of CXL and CXL Institute.He is a speaker & author who shares his knowledge to help business generate revenue. Follow him on Twitter to learn new ways to improve your Ecommerce business and make it more profitable.

Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher

Follow @BrendanWitcher

Brendan has 25 years of experience working in hospitality industry and multichannel retail. He’s also famous for grasping industry trends and is always approached for opinions or comments by media outlets such as CNBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, etc. If you are on the outlook to catch the latest industry trends, then this is the man you need to follow.

Andre F Bourque

Andre F Bourque

Follow @SocialMktgFella

Andre Bourque is an industry consultant and a freelance journalist covering high-growth industries. In addition to covering Ecommerce topics, he talks about brand messaging, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, community marketing, etc. He is one of the top guys you must follow.

Debra Templar

Debra Templar

Follow @DebraTemplar

Debra Templar is a professional speaker, author, retail business coach and consultant. She founded the Templar Group Pty Ltd back in 2000, which aims at helping small business grow. Learn from her vast industry experience by following her on Twitter.

Stéphane Alligne

Stéphane ALLIGNE

Follow @Stefalligne

Stephane Alligne is the Managing Director at DOTNET. He is a blogger, speaker and an  expert in the field of Ecommerce and retail; he also lectures on the same topic. Mr. Alligne is also the co-author of “Internet Marketing”, which was published in 2016. You can benefit from his knowledge and insights on Ecommerce by following him on Twitter.

Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg

Follow @retailgeek

Jason is the SVP Commerce & Content Practice at Razorfish where he helps his clients transform their business via shopper marketing and content marketing. He has over twenty year of experience in development and implementation of retail shopping. He is also the host of Jason & Scot Ecommerce Podcast. Follow him on twitter to stay updated.

Alan Storm

Alan Storm

Follow @alanstorm

Alan is the owner at Pulse Storm LLC, creator of Commerce Bug and is also the author of “No Frills Magento Layout”. If you run an Ecommerce store on Magento then he is the right guy to follow for all the tips, news and tricks.

Phew! That is a wrap! So, what is the next step? Check out one of the best Managed Ecommerce Hosting Platform that is going to help you take care of upcoming holiday rush! Again, this is not a comprehensive list and I may have missed out on a few names. Let me know if you feel someone’s name should be added to the list here and I will update accordingly!

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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