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Looking Back and Forward In 2017: Cloudways Cloud Hosting Infographic (Mid Year)

Updated on December 8, 2021

5 Min Read

Check out the updated 2017 Cloudways Roundup.

About 210 days into 2017 and Cloudways has already helped build countless dreams. The hassle-free experience that users receive with Cloudways has enabled them to focus primarily on the rapid growth of their businesses.

Feature after feature, we tried to enrich Cloudways with cost and time-saving elements, helping our customers enjoy the permanent break from hosting complexities. It wouldn’t have been possible without your timely feedback, queries, and requests that eventually helped us come up with a better Cloudways Platform.

We intend to keep improving our Platform going forward in 2017 and for the coming years.

Here’s a look at the milestones achieved by Cloudways through the first 210 days of 2017:

Cloudways 2017 Infographics


Single Account, Multiple Teams

Since we cater to a major market of developers and agencies working for multiple Cloudways’ clients, we understand your need to switch between multiple teams. For your comfort, Cloudways introduced multiple accounts for team members so that you can easily switch between your working environments.

Bot Customization

We understand that the CloudwaysBot can be a bit overwhelming at times. Relax. Simply deselect the notifications that are less critical for you so they don’t pop up on the panel. Notifications, by default, will still be sent to the various channels you have selected.

Let’s Encrypt Auto Renewal

Considering that you have been too occupied with your business to keep track of your SSL certificates’ expiration dates, Cloudways introduced Let’s Encrypt Auto Renewal. This way, our engineers made sure your SSL certificates are auto-renewed every 90 days.


Latest Elasticsearch Versions

Cloudways introduced the Elasticsearch version 2.4x along with 1.7x so that its users can perform searches at an extremely fast rate. The update can be availed via Packages tab in Cloudways Server Settings.

4 New Datacenters

Cloudways, through different supported infrastructure providers, offers more data centers than any competitor. We added four more data centers and it only goes on to expand our lead and your choice!

SSH Access for Team Members

Thanks to Cloudways engineers, users can now enable SSH access for application credentials (for team members) to a given application. Note that those with master credentials have access to SSH by default.

Local Backup Removal

In an attempt to help you save disk space, Cloudways introduced the option of manually deleting local on-site backups. It must be noted that this will not impact your regularly scheduled and off-site backups. Read our knowledge base article for details.


Zend Guard Loader

The popular PHP extension, Zend Guard Loader has been made available on Cloudways. You can simply enable in the Cloudways console to run PHP scripts encoded by Zend Guard. Here is how you can enable Zend Guard Loader on Cloudways.

More CloudwaysBot Alerts

Cloudways has added major upgrades to CloudwaysBot alerts in terms of server and database updates. The MySQL Connections Graph allows you to monitor the number of connections established to the database; additionally, users receive notification for every time their MySQL table crashes. Moreover, CloudwaysBot was upgraded to notify users once their servers reach 70% of resource usage or if an SMTP add-on has not been enabled on your server. Lastly, Postfix Bot check has been enabled to alert users if transaction emails are not going through the server for whatever reason.

SSH/SFTP Access To Team Member

Cloudways made lives simpler with easy creation of credentials for collaborators who only need SSH and/or SFTP access to your application.


Default PHP 7.0

Considering the underlying benefits of PHP 7.0 and having tested it for a year on the platform, Cloudways engineers made the PHP7.0 as the default version for every time you launch a new server.

Auto-scalability With KYUP

We know KYUP servers scale up automatically without any downtime and this happens so that your apps can adapt to increasing load. But, Cloudways realized the need for greater cost control and introduced the automatic server downscaling feature as well, which of course takes place without any downtime. For more information, check out our detailed knowledge base article.


Single SAN Certificate, Multiple Domains

Cloudways removed the need to install a separate SSL or any other certificate to protect every domain that you own. We understand how big of a hassle it is for customers to individually deal with these certificates, hence our engineers introduced the option to deploy a single SAN certificate over multiple domains. 

One-Click App Stop

Cloudways introduced the Stop App feature, allowing you to disable web access to an application. Additionally, SFTP/SSH access as well as any cron jobs for the application will be stopped.

Multi-domain SSL Using Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are now available for WordPress multisite on the Cloudways Platform. We rolled out this feature on popular request from our customers to save on their time and money.


Free Magento Full Page Cache

Cloudways launched its Magento Full Page Cache Extension powered by Amasty (a $328 value FREE for ALL customers). It comes pre-installed with new Magento 1.x launches and will significantly increase the speed of your online store. For existing apps you can contact support.

IP Subnets in Security

Taking technicalities to an even simpler level, Cloudways’ engineers enabled user to simply specify IP subnets instead of individual IPs to whitelist them for SSH/SFTP access.

Server Transfer

Whether you are an agency, developer or a regular customer who wants to transfer server to another account or to a client’s account, you’re in luck as Cloudways understands your needs. You can now transfer server between accounts whilst keeping the same IP address.

Cloudways Community

One of the latest addition to our list of achievements is the Cloudways community for our valuable customers. It’s a platform built for our large customer base from around the globe to connect with each other for knowledge exchange.


Breeze — Free WordPress Cache

And finally, Breeze — a WordPress cache plugin by Cloudways. Even though the product is out for Beta testing as of now, it is perhaps the most prominent offering of our last 210 days. Cloudways Breeze competes with major cache plugins in the WordPress industry and it is the perfect offering to satisfy your cache optimization needs; that too at zero cost.

What Else is Coming Your Way?

If you’re wondering that Cloudways has finished its list of offerings for the year 2017, then we assure you that is not the case. This has only been the first of half of our journey through this year and we are yet to surprise our customers with many more exciting features for better performance, security and experience.

We are at the edge of announcing a whole new solution —Cloudways Cluster— that is expected to change the dynamics of web application hosting industry. It is designed to cater the needs of high-growth brands and provide high-availability with a non-existent app downtime; all this in a transparent system where customers possess easy-to-use management controls.

Moreover, Cloudways will soon be integrating content delivery network (CDN) within its platform so that its users can expand their global reach without worrying about their website’s load time. Upcoming integration of CDN is expected to make your web content downloadable in seconds timeframe.

In addition to this, Cloudways users will be able to enjoy Block Storage, providing more storage volumes in a scalable fashion that will not be reliable but will also remain behind encrypted bars. Last but not the least, we are close to signing a partnership with one of the most demanding infrastructure providers, Linode, in upcoming months; so you’ll have wider options to choose from.

Stay tuned!

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Owais Khan

Owais works as a Marketing Manager at Cloudways (managed hosting platform) where he focuses on growth, demand generation, and strategic partnerships. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and B2B, Owais prefers to build systems that help teams achieve their full potential.


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