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Cloudways Introduces Breeze — The Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Updated on December 7, 2021

3 Min Read

Complex WordPress cache plugins are now a myth; faster, simpler and better experience at zero expense.

All the WordPress enthusiasts at Cloudways managed WordPress hosting who are confused with technicalities of existing cache plugins or find them too big a hassle to work with, this is your moment.

Announcing the latest offering for WordPress users, Breeze — WordPress Cache Plugin. Its performance is at par with any other cache plugin out there and it is completely plug-and-play; all this at zero expense.

When it comes to choosing the fastest WordPress hosting, you should be determined about performance, competence, speed, and reliability of technical assistance for a website.

All you have to do is install Breeze on your WordPress site and simply enjoy the peace of mind offered by the powerful cache plugin. That being said, creating Breeze wasn’t what we set out for. Initially, the idea was to provide a seamless user experience in terms of cache plugins with Cloudways.

Here’s How It All Started

Starting from 2016, our Customer Success team received numerous chats and feedback from our users, seeking assistance with existing cache plugins; the interesting part here is that most of these queries revolved around complexities of WordPress plugins.

For us, customer feedback lays out the definition of future product and its improvements.

One Meeting After The Other

Swamped with 2000+ chats, tickets and over 500 votes on feedback, our Customer Success team noted the compatibility issues of WordPress cache plugins. Following which, the entire Cloudways team rolled up its sleeves to find a suitable solution that led to numerous internal meetings over the span of a few weeks.

The Problem Continues

Initially, Cloudways decided to collaborate with leading WordPress plugin developers to permanently take care of WordPress cache plugins on its servers and provide customers with a hassle-free experience. However, all the possible solutions were either complex or additional cost for our customers.

By this time, customers had started demanding an alternative WordPress cache plugin other than W3 Total Cache, which we have as our default cache plugin.

Search For Solution Turned Into Innovation

At this time we decided to come up with a cache plugin of our own and our R&D team conducted an in-depth survey to discover user requirements in detail.

Based on the survey and research, our team concluded that file level caching, gzip compression, minification, database optimization, CDN integration are some of the features that are in high demand by WordPress users. To top it off, we decided to add support for Varnish cache by default in the plugin.

Throwback To Alpha Testing

It took us inspiration from existing plugins, hundreds of working hours and countless mugs of coffee to come up with a solution that would be the perfect fit for our customers. To begin with, we rolled out our plugin for alpha testing on internal projects and websites. As it turns out, not only did our plugin reach similar performance levels as that of top players in the market, but was also 100% compatible with the Cloudways Platform.

Here’s Why We Call It Breeze

Following successful results in alpha testing, it was time to name our new plugin. The challenge was to come up with a unique name that would perfectly describe the ease of use, zero expenses, and peace of mind – everything that you can expect from a Breeze.

Excitement Travels Fast

We immediately had Breeze listed on and to our surprise, it attracted the attention of WordPress community, without us making any official announcement. The word is already out and various enthusiasts have started testing it without any call from our end.

WordPress Cache Plugin Breeze

Give It A Go & Let Us Know

Note that the plugin has not been made default on our platform yet and is currently available for testing. Team Cloudways would appreciate it if you give Breeze a shot and drop us your valuable feedback. It’s an open-source plugin, welcoming contributions from all over the WordPress community.

It is important to mention here that this plugin is a direct result of Cloudways’ attention to customer feedback. In addition to this, if you’re a professional developer then you’re more than welcome to contribute to Breeze’s improvement by providing constructive feedback.

Lastly, you can read more about the technical specifications of the Breeze in our knowledge base article which contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to install Breeze on your WordPress server for optimized cache performance.

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Mustaasam Saleem

Mustaasam is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. Where he actively works and loves sharing his knowledge with the WordPress Community. When he is not working, you can find him playing squash with his friends, or defending in Football, and listening to music.


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