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PHP 7.0 is now the New Default on Cloudways

Updated on  10th May

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Cloudways integrated PHP 7.0 in its ThunderStack almost an year ago, and the option was available to our users as part of the test process. A number of users tried the option and reported good things about the performance of PHP 7.0 on ThunderStack.

php 7.0 now on cloudways by default

Based on the feedback, we have now made PHP 7.0 the default option on Cloudways Platform. This move comes a year after the release of the new version, and is the latest in the series of improvements of the Cloudways platform.

This upgrade will make the platform more efficient thanks to the underlying benefits of PHP 7.0. Cloudways engineers tested the latest release of the PHP on the platform for a year. After extensive trial and testing, we discovered that it is safe enough to be made default across Cloudways servers. During the testing phase, we saw a marked increase in performance and speed, and thus the change was made permanent.

Since PHP 7.0 has become the default global setting for the ThunderStack, all PHP based applications (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, and others) would benefit from this upgrade. In case of any issues, the users have the option to downgrade the PHP version.

How Would PHP 7.0 Benefit the Cloudways Users?

We believe that this move will offer two important benefits to our users.

The most important benefit is the overall improvement in speed. PHP 7.0 has proven to be much better in execution speed. This benefit will translate into application level performance for all PHP powered apps. In particular, e-commerce stores would see enhanced performance numbers and better load times. We believe that the best performance statistics would be generated by CMS powered websites that use the latest (PHP 7.0 compliant) versions of the core CMS and plugins/themes/components /modules.

The second benefit is the increase in the general adoption of PHP 7.x for real world projects. Since Cloudways is a major player in the managed cloud hosting industry, this upgrade would encourage many new users to either port their PHP 5.6 application(s) to PHP 7.0 or redevelop the projects for the new version. The support for PHP 5.6.x will end in the coming year or two, and then the PHP user community will have to migrate its assets and properties to PHP 7.0.

What About Existing Servers?

All existing servers will continue to use the currently deployed version of the ThunderStack, and thus would remain unaffected by this upgrade.

Cloudways strongly recommends that all existing users (who have not yet switched over to PHP 7.0) should start testing their websites and stores on staging areas to weed out all performance issues. Please note that all websites and stores must have PHP 7.0 compatible components. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that the website might break. Once major issues have been hammered out, those users can manually upgrade to PHP 7.0.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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