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Top Moodle Plugins that Every Course Creator Needs

May 7, 2018

3 Min Read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Moodle is one of the best Learning Management System (LMS) available right now. Due to the awesome themes and plugins it offers.

Find out how these plugins can help you build your first Moodle-based project.

best moodle plugins

Adobe Connect

Adobe is a great Moodle plugin for increasing the performance of the learning platform. This plugin allows you to integrate Adobe’s online conference and meeting software on your Moodle site, hence allowing you to access it with a single sign-in.


Allows customization of text and color schemes, enhancing the user experience on Moodle platform. This means you get from a mix of colors that can renovate your store completely.


A great Moodle plugin for teachers, lecturers, and administration to create checklists for students and employees, as can be implied from the plugin’s name. It enables students to keep a track of their progress and also stay organized.


Finished a course? Need a certificate? This Moodle plugin is for you.

It is a great plugin for probably all Moodle sites. It enables the creation of certificates which can be awarded to students who successfully complete a course.


A simple and undoubtedly an essential plugin for the majority of the Moodle sites. This Moodle plugin allows teachers to track the attendance of their students and hence grade them accordingly.

Google Apps for Moodle

Is there anything on the web now where Google isn’t present? As with almost every other open source software out there, integration of Google apps and services is bound to become a requirement for Moodle developers. Thankfully, there’s already a Moodle plugin for that and it allows easier integration of Google Apps with Moodle.


Turnitin is a very popular site related to education. It allows students to upload their assignments that the program automatically checks, ranks, and notifies the users.

It also comes with a plugin that connects to Turnitin’s plagiarism detection system, enabling plagiarism detection across all Moodle plugins.

Configurable Reports

Reports are undoubtedly going to be an integral part of any Learning Management System. You will need reports for course details, performances, and daily attendance. This module allows you to do just that and more.

Here are some features that the official Moodle plugin states:

  • Course Reports: These provide information about courses.
  • Category reports: This type of report gives information about course categories to embed course reports in.
  • User Reports: User Reports contain information about the users who will be handling the course and their roles in the coursework.
  • Timeline reports: Timeline reports are used to embed course and category reports in a timeline format.
  • Custom Reports: Developers can create their own different report types using Configurable Reports tab.

Grade Me

A simple module that allows teachers to grade assignments and quizzes submitted by the students.

Progress Bar

A module that allows teachers to keep a track of students’ progress via a progress bar.

OAuth2 Authentication Plugin

This plugin allows users to login via various social networks using the OAuth2 authentication method. You can use Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn login options to sign-in.

WordPress-Moodle Integration

WordPress is the largest CMS out there as well as one of the largest blogging platforms on the internet. WordPress allows easy integration of Moodle LMS. This is helpful to users who have a blog on WordPress and LMS on Moodle, they can benefit from both while running their business at a rapid pace.

The integration process is pretty simple and can be done with just a few clicks.


This module allows users to buy premium courses on Moodle without any hassle. PayPal integration is simple and helps users globally in buying your courses with ease.


Learning can get a bit boring sometimes. Especially when it’s online learning, where there isn’t much interpersonal interaction. This module aims to make elearning fun by incorporating gaming aspects. There a variety of games like hangman, crossword etc which can be used in questions or quizzes.


This is a simple module that allows the creation of podcasts and lists them that helps students understand their course content in a much better way. It can also be used for announcements.


That’s it. I hope this list was helpful to you.

I am always eager to know your opinion on Moodle and its platforms. So, if you have one in mind that helps improve the LMS platform, let me know in the comments below.

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