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Scalable Setup For Big, Small & Viral Websites

No need to worry about traffic spikes any more. Cloudways has got you covered round the clock.

Database Server Load balancer User Traffic

Complete Web Server & Database Server Support

We're available 24x7 through live chat and dedicated ticketing system to assist you. Our dedicated tech support will provide you the solution in real time for minor issues, instead of you having to wait for hours for a response.

Your Cloud Account. 100%.

Since there no contractual lock-ins, you will own (and pay for) cloud infrastructure on top of the chosen cloud provider. This way you keep full control and ownership of your data—the most critical asset—and have the complete freedom of moving away from Cloudways service with your servers and data if for whatever reason you are unhappy with the service provided. Rest assured, there will be no hassles in moving your setup from one cloud provider to the other.

Separate Database & Server Roles

For better web performance, you can choose to have separate database servers. This also makes scaling (up or down) very easy and adds redundancy to the overall setup.

Multi-Tier Server Setup

PowerCloud offers the perfect solution for hosting your app on multiple web/DB servers for increased redundancy. We can scale your web/DB servers automatically or on-demand anytime you want.

Root Access

You have unrestricted root access for custom installation or performing root functions on your servers. In addition, you have SSH/SFTP access to the servers as well.

Fully Managed Backups (Onsite/Offsite)

Apart from hourly, daily and monthly onsite backups of your applications, we also have managed offsite backups for increased redundancy and reliability in the setup. View our complete backup policy.

Application Level Management

Cloudways provides complete application level support for all managed applications, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. This includes installation, cloud deployment, plugin installation and upgrade, theme installation, and troubleshooting. We offer you a one-window solution for all you application hosting needs.

Complete Migration

At Cloudways, we love migrating data to cloud. This passion has enabled us to deliver foolproof cloud migration with minimal downtime, 0% data loss, 0% security risk, and 0% cloud migration troubles.

24x7 Application Monitoring

We monitor your application 24x7 for any issues or possible downtime and make sure proactive action is taken to deliver 99.99% uptime. We monitor your servers and applications through our monitoring system for preventive troubleshooting. We also provide intermittent alerts and respond accordingly in case of increased traffic and server consumption.

Application Multisite Support

You have many WordPress, Drupal or Magento websites and you want to manage all of them from a single admin panel. Our multisite experts will help you achieve just that. We will only setup multisite for you, but will also manage and troubleshoot it on a regular basis.

Plugin Installation, Troubleshooting and Updates

Cloudways offers you complete consultancy, help, and management in third party application or plugin integration. This includes integration of your CMS with third party support ticket system, live chat, email, CDN, payment systems, databases, or any other application compatible plugin. With our one stop solution, you no longer have to search here and there for plugin integration. We also update plugins to the latest versions.

DNS Management

We manage DNS on top of your own DNS provider for your Cloudways deployed infrastructure. In case you want to change your DNS provider, we recommend DNSMadeEasy.

Application Core Updates (Addon)

Cloudways application experts will manage all your application core updates, so that you don't have to worry about downtime and plugin incompatibility issues during or after updates. Application update is available as a separate addon in our Member Area. Check our Applications Upgrade Add-on

24x7 Live Chat & Tickets

Now, you don't have wait for hours to get help. Our 24x7 Live Chat & Ticketing System is there to assist you around the cloud, all year round.

24x7 Monitoring

We work 24x7x365 to make sure you get 99.99% uptime. We give our best efforts to ensure that your web application achieves a 100% service level. Our team of cloud engineers and our monitoring systems keep an eye on your server and application to make sure they run uninterrupted.

Technical Advice and Guidance

Cloudways believes in offering value for money. We know that customers require technical guidance and consulting before integrating any software into their application. We help you through every step, ensuring safety and quick disaster recovery without any data loss.

No Long Term Commitment. Pay as you go!

Cloudways never asks for long term commitments. We know you will love our services and will remain with us for a very long time. You will never feel locked in. You are free to take your app to any cloud of your choice. In fact, should you choose to discontinue our services, we will also help you during cloud migration process, provided that you would be keeping your current cloud infrastructure.

Knowledge Base & Forum

In addition, to all the above mentioned support mediums we have self service knowledge base and forum to help customers interact with Cloudways PowerCloud platform. View our Knowledge Base.

Automatic Scalability

We've got you covered for unexpected traffic spikes. We work very closely with you to identify potential spikes and advice to have a flexible infrastructure depending on your unique requirements, so your site can serve excessive concurrent traffic without any downtime.

Automatic Failover

Once you are with Cloudways, you won't have to worry about your website going down. If you choose to have automatic failover in the mix, your site will be up instantaneously on the backup server if the master server goes down.

High Availability

ant to deploy servers and backup servers in multiple availability zones for high availability? Cloudways has got you covered. We will deploy automatic high availability (multi AZ) setup to make sure your website is up and serving visitors even if one datacenter is down.


All servers and applications are placed behind a secure firewall (Shorewall/Windows Firewall), which restricts unauthenticated access and thwarts hacking attempts. All servers and applications are accessed only through pre-approved IPs. We will also do the configuration, monitoring, management and troubleshooting of firewalls.

Server Security Patches

We take care of it all - Security, OS updates and patches to make sure there is no security loopholes due to outdated OS or server configurations.

SSL Integration

Whether you want to get the entire site or a portion of your site on SSL, we’ll do it and help you with existing SSL migration as well.

PCI Compliance Consultancy

Being PCI compliant increases your customer trust while securing your online reputation. Find out how Cloudways can help you implement all the required PCI controls. Read more about our PCI Compliance Add-on.

Secure Cloud Deployments

We increase the security of your servers by taking advance security measures that protect your servers from hacks, malware, viruses and unauthenticated access. We ensure that each server has minimal attack surface, so that it is running the minimum number of services to comply with its role.

Security Testing/Analysis of Web Applications (Add-on)

We do complete vulnerability scanning of your application to uncover any possible threats. We will also do web application security test to find out any possible SQL injection or hacking vulnerabilities. Security Analysis is available as an add-on in our member area. See how we secure your Apps.

Varnish, Memcached and APC Configuration

Varnish is highly recommended by PHP community and is one of the best PHP accelerator. We configure Varnish for frequent rich media content query caching, which not only releases significant server resources but also speeds up content delivery by up to 50%. We also manage, monitor, patch and troubleshoot varnish to give you one window management solution. Similarly, we also configure and manage Memcached for frequent database queries to further speed up the website load time and free server resources. See how you can Enable/Disable & Restart Memcached, Nginx, MySQL & Apache within few clicks.

Nginx / php-fpm deployments

Based on our long experience managing web infrastructure, we have come up with the perfect mix to speed up any website. All our deployments are based on nginx (serving static content), varnish (caching php) and apache with mod_php serving php code. This ensures compatibility with all applications and lightning speed (due to the combined effect of fast nginx delivering static content and fast varnish delivering cached php).

CDN Integration & Support

We recommend Amazon CloudFront as a CDN to further improve load time for your visitors and customers spread around different corners of the world. We help you in configuration and complete management of CDN.

DB Optimization

We tweak your database so it offers optimal performance for your application. This includes adjusting database settings to the available memory in your server(s) and the traffic pattern of your site(s).

Desktop Monitoring

Power Dashboard (Beta) now allows you to get deeper insights of your cloud server from your browser. Visualize Uptime Stats, Public IP, Server RAM or even configure Varnish and Memcache instantaneously. Click here to find more on our improved dashboard.

Mobile Monitoring

The Cloudways Mobile Monitoring Application lets you monitor all your Power Cloud servers from your iOS device. It gives you all vital stats that you need to know while you are on the go! Moreover, 24x7 In App Support helps you in connecting with our support specialist from your device through chat or ticket system. You can also monitor server health, backup status, CPU usage and free memory from your iOS device. View Screenshots.

Cloud Cost Monitoring

Cloud cost monitoring has now become as easy as 1-2-3. Cloudways proudly partners with Cloudyn to provide the best cloud cost monitoring system for its clients who are running a setup on Amazon Web Services. Cloudyn presents a set of fantastic tools that analyze cloud expense, forecast cost expenditure and recommend cost saving measures. Click here to learn more about this magnificent FREE add-on.


Well, Cloudways provides that too! Our fully managed cloud solution is for those who are in need of a custom hosting environment with virtually flawless uptimes.

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24x7 "Always On" Human Support

Our expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

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Well, Cloudways provides that too! Our fully managed cloud solution is for those who are in need of a custom hosting environment with virtually flawless uptimes.

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