Managed SugarCRM Hosting

Cloudways offers you fully managed SugarCRM cloud hosting, so that you can focus on improving your customer relationships rather than on system administration and server management. We promise 100% availability, so that you can give 100% to your customers!

Super fast SugarCRM Hosting

Through our secret performance tweaks we make sure your CRM is super fast. So you don’t have to waste time updating it with information or finding the information. We further do suitable configuration and caching tweaks for SugarCRM performance improvement.

What's more in Managed SugarCRM Cloud Hosting?

24/7 Monitoring

We do 24/7 monitoring of your CRM to make sure that we proactively kill any trouble. This helps to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

SugarCRM Updates

Managed customers get fully managed SugarCRM updates with Cloudways. Whenever the latest update is released, we update your sugarCRM to the latest version ensuring zero downtime and errors. Updates are available as a separate addon.

Secure CRM Hosting

Cloudways’ entire infrastructure is behind firewalls and all your cloud servers are dedicated and jailed, ensuring the security of your SugarCRM.

Backups & Restore

With managed SugarCRM hosting, you get hourly and daily managed backups of your CRM, so that you lose nothing and all your data is always backed up!

24/7 Dedicated Support

Our cloud engineers and managers are always available on live chat and support ticket to help you out with all your queries and requests. We provide premium SugarCRM support.

Painless Migration

You don’t have to worry if your SugarCRM is hosted anywhere else. We do completely migration of SugarCRM from another host to Cloudways, ensuring that you don’t have to face downtime.

Steps to get cloud service

Select your cloud
Select SugarCRM Version
Enjoy your SugarCRM
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For Businesses and Larger Websites who would like to outsource complete infrastructure and application level management in order to focus more on core business rather than system administration and management. We design the complete setup, develop it, manage it, monitor it and troubleshoot it for customers
Starts at $99.90/mo.

24x7 Support

24x7 Live Chat
24x7 Ticketing System
Enjoy 24x7 Ticket Support. Open a support ticket for our cloud specialists and your dedicated account managers for guided troubleshooting.
24x7 Monitoring
Cloudways do 24x7 monitoring of your applications and servers to ensure they are always up and running.
Desktop & Mobile Monitoring
Monitor your websites or open a support ticket from your desktop through our PowerCloud Dashboard or on the go through our iPhone Mobile App.
No Long-term Commitment
Pay for as long as you want to use our services (on monthly basis). Whenever you want to migrate out, we will facilitate it for you.


Varnish, Memcached and APC
We configure Varnish for frequent rich media content query caching, which not only releases significant server resources but also speeds up content delivery by up to 50%.
Nginx/php-fpm deployments
All our deployments are based on nginx (serving static content), varnish (caching php) and apache with mod_php serving php code. This ensures compatibility with all applications and lightning speed.
CDN Integration & Support
We help you in configuration and complete management of CDN.
DB Optimization
We tweak your database so it offers optimal performance for your application. This includes adjusting database settings to the available memory in your server(s) and the traffic pattern of your site(s).


All servers and applications are placed behind a secure firewall (Shorewall/Windows Firewall), which restricts unauthenticated access and thwarts hacking attempts.
Server Security Patches
We take care of it all - Security, OS updates and patches to make sure there is no security loopholes due to outdated OS or server configurations.
SSL Integration
Whether you want to get the entire site or a portion of your site on SSL, we’ll do it and help you with existing SSL migration as well.
Secure Cloud Deployments
All the managed cloud servers are jailed and the entire system is protected with firewalls to offer secure application deployment environment.
Security Testing (Add-on)
We do complete vulnerability scanning of your application to uncover any possible threats. Security Analysis is available as an add-on in our member area.


Own Cloud Account
You get to own your cloud account. In Power Cloud, you will bring your own Cloud Account, where we will do the required setup and manage your infrastructure and application over it. This way you have the complete freedom to move away if not satisfied.
Complete Migration
No need to worry about Cloud Migration. If you have your application hosted else where, we will do the migration ensuring minimum downtime.
Automatic Scalability
You can define which parameters you want to use to auto-scale or auto-shrink your infrastructure; this will happen automatically and transparently.
Automatic Failover
We ensure hourly, daily and monthly backups integrated with an automated disaster recovery mechanism. This ensures safety and quick disaster recovery without any data loss for a 100% Service Level.
High Availability
Want to deploy servers and backup servers in multiple availability zones for high availability? Cloudways has got you covered.


Full Server Management
Your servers are fully managed by Cloud Specialists at Cloudways.
OS Patch Management
All OS updates and patches will be managed by us.
Web & Database Server Support
We do the setup and management of your Apache, nginx or IIS web servers and MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres or MongoDB databases.
Separate Database / Server Roles
Your website can have separate database and web servers for enhanced database performance. This will not only improve your website performance but will also ease up the scalability.
Root Access
In Power Cloud, when you own the infrastructure you will have its root access to always remain in control with your setup.
Fully Managed Backups
We do the custom backup setup for you as per you needs. Whether, you need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups, incremental or directory level backup, everything is possible in Power Cloud.
Managed Failover/Recovery
Our engineers monitor your application 24x7 and in case of any issue, our engineers take immediate action to get the issue resolved to offer you 99.99% uptime.
Application Level Management
We do the custom backup setup for you as per you needs. Whether, you need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups, incremental or directory level backup, everything is possible in Power Cloud.
Application Multisite Support
Whether it is WordPress Multisite, Magento MultiSite or Drupal Multisite, we do the complete on cloud and manage it along with infrastructure.
Plugin Installation and Updates
Cloudways integrates all the plugins of your choice with your application. In addition, we recommend the best plugins available for your specific use, so as to keep the application performance unaffected. It also includes all plug-in upgrades to ensure compatibility with existing plugins, application version and current functions.
DNS Management
Includes all plug-in upgrades to ensure compatibility with existing plugins, application version and current functions.
Continuous Advice and Guidance
Cloudways believes in offering value for money. We know that customers require technical guidance and consulting before integrating any software into their application. We help you through every step, ensuring safety and quick disaster recovery without any data loss.

Request for Quote Free Consultancy Included

All plans come with an 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee¸ so it gives you the ease of trying our service before committing for a longer term. We are sure you will fall in love with our system and will definitely want to host your applications on Cloudways.


Why Cloudways?

Click & Go Cloud

Deploy a wide range of Open Source apps such as WordPress¸ Drupal¸ Joomla and Magento in less than 2 minutes on leading Cloud Hosting Providers.

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Power Cloud

Cloudways Power Cloud gives you customized powerful setup with complete infrastructure and application level management so you can focus on your business rather than system administration.

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Scale your cloud servers and applications any time. Scale it even more in real time if thousands of users sign up in the first week.

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Fully Managed Cloud

Don’t want to get your hands dirty in system administration? Get full cloud & application management from Cloudways¸ including 24x7 monitoring¸ management¸ maintenance and troubleshooting.

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What Our Clients Says About US

Having someone taking care of your infrastructure critical units 24/7 means more then half of your business worries gone. We have been using CloudWays as our Cloud Managers since then. Love their support and always happy to see them proactively solving our hosting issues. Extremely helpful while planning infrastructure expansion as well. Thank you for your support. Client: PureVPN
Couple of time every year we have mega product launch events. Last event crushed our infrastructure due to unexpected traffic load, this time we hired cloudWays to setup our 100.00% available, auto scalable infrastructure which infact sustained even heaiver load. Client: Old Tree Publishing

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