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Secure Cloud Consultancy - The Cloudways Advantage

It is usually claimed that cloud environment is more vulnerable to security breaches than traditional hosting. Cloudways believe that the security of your cloud hosting depends on the servers on which your data resides and what measures have been taken to ensure data and application security.

Businesses tend to under-estimate their security needs while they believe they have protected themselves, their integrity is open to risk.

Cloudways provides complete security consultancy and management of your deployed infrastructure so as to make sure nothing is at risk. Our support includes:

  • Secure Migration Support
  • International Standard Compliance
  • Sensitive Data Encryption and Management
  • On demand PCI-DSS Compliance Services
  • Secure Backup Strategy
  • 24/7 Cloud Specialist Consultancy

Move your data securely onto the Cloud

Thinking to move to the cloud? At Cloudways, your cloud security starts right from the beginning, that is when you are migrating to the cloud. Cloudways provides hassle-free migration of your website or data from traditional servers and across different vendors. Cloudways managed hosting provides complete migration of your application.

  • Migration Managed By Cloud Engineers
  • VPN Tunnel Access To Data And Website
  • SSH And SFTP Access To The Servers
  • Complete Data Backup Before And After Migration
  • Migration Tutorials & Major CMS Migrators

Create your custom security strategy

Cloud engineers at Cloudways take you through the development of high-level cloud security strategy. They will ensure that you are utilizing best practices that make your virtual cloud environment totally secure.

  • Automated and Manual Backup Support
  • Custom Access Controls and Firewalls
  • PCI Compliance Consultancy
  • SSL Certificates Installation Guidance
  • Guidance on Critical Security Considerations

At Cloudways, we evaluate your proposed strategy and then help you determine the strengths and weaknesses in it. Still you can any time contact our customer operations team to that can provide you recommendations to improve your business security.

  • Real Time Cloud Monitoring
  • Proactive Security Approach
  • Installation Support and Trouble Shooting
  • Online Chat and E-Ticketing

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