Symfony Hosting on Managed Clouds

Host Unlimited Websites
Integrated Tools
Managed Secured Servers
Automatic Backups
Scalable Infrastructure
24x7 After-Sales Support

Easy Cloud Setup

Setting up cloud for Symfony Hosting isn’t a laborious task on our Platform. You simply select your desired specifications and start deployment. Within no time, your server will be up and running for development.


Version Choices With Cloud

If you wish to create Symfony app on PHP 7 or 5.6, you can do so without any difficulty. This is because Cloudways is the only cloud platform that allows you to create apps on the version of your choice.


Fast & Reliable Symfony Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Servers

Symfony Hosting Platform receives automatic security and firmware updates, which means you can develop app without the need to worry about managing servers.

Easy & Affordable Pricing Plans

Symfony managed hosting offers affordable and flexible plans that fit your budget and need. Pick one that you feel most comfortable with. And, you are never locked into a contract.

All Core Apps in One Place

Cloudways offers an array of apps for your development needs. Whether you need a simple PHP stack (or Magento, Drupal or WordPress), you can create any app you like.

Scalable Infrastructure

With dedicated IPs and computing resources, Symfony managed hosting is made to host your app. If you need more resources, you can scale your server within a few minutes.

1-Click SSL Certification

With our 1-click SSL management, you can work in a protected environment on your Symfony app, and keep the worry of safety and security at the back of your mind.

24x7 Customer Support

Enjoy 24x7 customer support for all your Symfony server-related issues and talk to our representatives through live chat. Alternatively, you can create a support ticket as well.

24x7 Always Available Support by Cloud Professionals

The Cloudways Customer Success Team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and Ticketing System