How to Host WordPress Website on Vultr Cloud

by Saud Razzak  January 12, 2017

As WordPress is one of the most popular web applications, which infrastructure provider is hosting the app for your website plays a significant part in the user experience for your visitors. Not all WordPress websites perform the same, that much is clear from speed tests performed on many different URLs.

Recently, Vultr has emerged as a promising player in the Cloud Web Hosting scene. This is due to the low latency servers available in seven countries across four continents and the computing power of Intel Cores and solid state drive storage facility which Vultr offers on all plans.

However, running and maintaining a server on Vultr is a full-time job. This is why many lay persons have no idea how to host WordPress on Vultr Cloud.


The Cloudways Managed Cloud Web Hosting Platform gives you peace of mind and allows developers to concentrate on coding, and website owners to concentrate on marketing their WordPress site. Vultr server security is handled by Cloudways engineers, so you don’t have to spend time updating the OS and firmware.

On Cloudways, you can launch a Vultr server with WordPress installation within a few minutes, and maintaining it is a pleasant and convenient experience. 15+ metrics can be monitored in graphical format, and many critical server tasks are accomplished in a single click.

Let’s take a look at how to launch WordPress server on Vultr Cloud on the Cloudways Managed Cloud Web Hosting Platform. After that, I’ll explain how you can easily migrate your website from another hosting provider to your Cloudways Managed Vultr server with a handy tool.

Do you know? WordPress on Vultr loads in 143 ms.

Launch WordPress on Vultr Using Cloudways Platform

  1. Select Infrastructure
  2. Select Server Size
  3. Select Server Location
  4. Launch Server
  5. Server Management

Step One: Select Infrastructure

Select WordPress from the drop-down menu. Enter your App name, Server name and select your Project. After that, Select Vultr from the available list of infrastructure providers. We are offering you 3 days free trial so that you can first experience the Platform before you pay. You can also notice that Vultr is providing its users unlimited bandwidth across 14 locations in the world.

Step Two: Select Server Size

The next section is for selection of your server size. Select Server Size according to your need. You don’t have to worry about server size; you can easily increase your server size later.

Server Size

Step Three: Select Server Location

The next step is to choose the location of your server. Your choice will affect the server latency for your desired web audience. Vultr offers you many locations across the globe to deploy your server, so that you may achieve low latency and high website speed. Choose a location closest to your target audience.

Select Location

Step Four: Launch Server

Click Launch Server button. A window will appear for a while indicating time remaining until the server is ready.

Launch Server

Step Five: Server Management

Once your Vultr server launches, you can access to all available server management options. Just click your server, and you will be redirected to the interface show as below.

Seerver Management

WordPress Site Migration Made Easy

After the WordPress Vultr Server has completed its launch, you are ready to begin migrating your existing WordPress site to a different provider, to the Cloudways Managed Vultr Server.

Watch this video to find out how to move your WordPress site to your Cloudways Managed Vultr server! Cloudways provides a WordPress Migration Plugin for its users. This migration procedure is just a glimpse of how easy every server and application task becomes for you, once you decide to host your WordPress site on Cloudways! 🙂

I hope this post was helpful in explaining how to host WordPress website on Vultr Cloud and how you can migrate your existing WordPress site without any hassle (The first migration is free). If you are confused about anything, simply contact the Cloudways 24/7/365 chat support team for assistance.

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