Power Dashboard

Easy And Intuitive Server Monitoring.

The Power Dashboard™ is an intuitive Server Monitoring webtool that lets you check CPU Idle time, available system memory and other crucial server performance metrics in real time.

  • CPU Idle time monitoring
  • Check Available Memory
  • Active Server Backup Status
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PowerCloud App

Server Monitoring Goes Mobile.

Monitor your PowerCloud Servers on the go through your iPhone. Check vital stats, open support tickets or analyze data for better resource management.

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • 24/7 eTicketing
  • Real-time server performance stats
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ElasticStack Tool

The Cloud Management Tool For System Engineers.

The Cloudways ElasticStack tool is an open source tool that automates the process of deploying and managing servers and several other tasks on ElasticStack based Clouds.

It automates recurring tasks such as managing pre-defined parameters to minimize human error, better resource management of Drive/VLANS etc. and uploading custom images (which traditionally takes more time if done through "command line" tool).

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