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The Free Retention Calculator BETA

Find out the Customer Lifetime Value and other retention parameters for your business strategy.

Customer Retention Calculator

Estimate the average customer lifetime value metric by plunging the total customers along with the total orders.


Retention Calculator Result

Average Order Value ($)


Purchase Frequency


Customer Lifetime Value


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Customer Retention Matters

It’s not enough to pull traffic and drive them to sales of products. Customer loyalty builds up a brand’s value and thus customer retention plays an important role in this aspect.

Know When Retention Is Important

In addition to traffic, retention gets important as the store grows beyond the initial stages and brand traction becomes the focus of marketing campaigns.

Build a Retention Strategy

Your store needs a dedicated retention strategy to analyze, cultivate, measure and improve the number of returning customers at your store.

Track Retentions Metrics

Your retention strategy should focus on three key metrics: Average Order Value, Repeat Customer Purchase Frequency, and Repeat Customer Rate.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is based on the perceived benefits of your offerings, performance of your customer retention strategy and the overall user experience of your store.

Engage & Interact

Use social media channels to build store’s reputation, have a strategy of audience engagement so that your customers remember you, and come back.

Offer & Discounts

Customers return to stores that offer tantalizing discounts and hard-to-ignore offers. This is an efficient tactic to retain and grow market share and brand loyalty.


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