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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator BETA

Estimate the ROI of your ecommerce store for better profit projections and budget calculations.

Calculate Your Store’s Return on Investment

Use the following calculator to estimate your store’s ROI and make better business decisions.


ROI Calculator Result

Customer abandon your checkout process, resulting in

Average Order Value
Unique Visitor per Month
Conversion Rate to Cart
Cart Unique Visitors
Completed Orders
Anondonent Cart Rate
Total Monthly Revenue
Total Profit
Rate of Returning Visitors

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Use ROI Calculator for Success

Return on investment is the fundamental value on which store owners should base all major business decisions.

Don’t be in the Dark

Use the calculator to get a basic idea of the returns on your investments and the required budgets for your ecommerce store.

Launch Targeted Paid Campaigns

Focused pay per click or paid social exchange can drive appropriate traffic within towards specific sales and landing pages of your ecommerce store.

Grow with Email Campaigns

Email campaigns is an ideal tactic for pulling in targeted traffic that is more likely to buy the product /service on your landing pages.

Refresh Store Content

Repacking and repurposing content help attract the right people to your landing pages and boost overall ecommerce store performance.

Analyze, Optimize, and Modify

Use analytics tools to get real-time data to measure store’s performance and then implement rectification tactics for better performance.

Beta Test before Going Live

Testing all store functionalities thoroughly before going live is an important factor that has serious implications for your store’s ROI projections.


More Resources for Ecommerce Growth

Proven tips, tactics, and best practices to help you scale your business to greater successes.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

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