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Get a fair idea of how many visitors you need to attract to meet your profit goals.

Find Out How Much Website Traffic You Need to Make a Profit

Enter the profit you are aiming for and see the number of orders and visitors to get there.


Dropshipping Traffic Calculator Result

You need to get 2500 visitors and 50 orders a day.

This means you will attract at least 5000 visitors to your store and get at least 100 orders. Now, if each order is more than $20 in value, you will earn $4,500.00 in sales!

*Assumptions: Store conversion rate is 2.5% and average order value is $20 with 100% markup.

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Tips to Pull the Right Audience to Your Website

This simple tool calculates the web traffic you need to start making good profits.

Traffic Is an Investment

It’s important to understand the end goal of promoting your website. Growing traffic on your store is an ongoing project that requires careful planning and focus.

Traffic Isn’t Just a Number

Web Traffic is not just a metric to add to monthly excel sheets. Being able to channel the right audience is crucial to the sales of your products/services.

Drive Quality Traffic

There is no single channel for pulling in the right traffic. Use the appropriate avenues to discover and drive a quality audience to your landing pages.

Diversify Your Efforts

No single channel or marketing tactic can fulfill your traffic targets. This is where you will understand the value of channel diversification and audience discovery tools.

Use Campaigns Wisely

Careful campaign planning is the key to getting the right traffic on your store. Remember, consistent traffic is always better than an unsteady periodic influx of traffic.

Learn from Analytics

Tools such as Google Analytics provide valuable information about store’s traffic and help you plan and execute store level conversions and revenue numbers.


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Proven tips, tactics, and best practices to help you scale your business to greater successes.

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