Optimized Hosting for All PHP Frameworks

Cloudways offers the best platform for hosting applications built on all major and upcoming PHP frameworks. Our platform is designed to ensure optimal performance for all PHP powered projects.

PHP Frameworks You Love To Build With

Our hosting solution supports all apps powered by industry-popular PHP frameworks.


Deploy apps built in Laravel within minutes and leverage optimized web performance.

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Cloudways offers a very optimized platform for all Symfony powered web applications.

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Streamline the performance of your Codeigniter apps with our advanced managed hosting platform.

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Get powerful Yii hosting with advanced features ensuring performance & speed for the apps.

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Simple yet efficient! Our CakePHP hosting ensures smooth & flawless web performance.

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Our managed hosting for Slim is built to ensure speed & give web APIs the utmost performance.

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Create blazing fast APIs and stunning micro-services with ready-made Lumen hosting by Cloudways.

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Our advanced Zend hosting simplifies the deployment & gives swift post-deployment results.

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Hosting Solution That Brings Performance and Simplicity For PHP Frameworks

Focus on building awesome projects while we take care of all the hosting hassles to ensure optimum performance and speed.

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live website

Live Website



Best PHP Framework Hosting Recipe for Scalability

We cover all the bases for a comprehensive PHP framework hosting experience.


Our powerful hosting stack lets you optimize web performance with swift speed.

PHP 7 Ready Servers

Our PHP 7 ready servers allows you to take the full benefit of the performance and speed of the new PHP version.

1-Click GitHub deployment

Our 1-Click functionality ensures that you can easily pull in code from your GitHub repositories.

Pre-configured PHP-FPM

Turbocharge your PHP framework development process with the full benefit of PHP-FPM.

Built-in Caches

Experience faster load times and swift responses with our built-in stack-level cache.

1-Click PHP Upgrades

Our simple yet powerful in-house engineered Breeze cache plugin offers improved performance for WordPress websites without any additional cost.

NewRelic Monitoring

Integrated with the Cloudways Platform, NewRelic allows you to manage and monitor server and application performance efficiently.

IP Whitelisting

Secure connections and fortify server and application security with our IP Whitelisting feature.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Save money and increase application level security by installing Free SSL certificates in a few clicks.

Application and Server Backups

Our automated and on-demand server backup ensures timely data backups to a secure offsite location.

Dedicated Firewalls

Cloudways ensures intruder-free operations of your managed servers, thanks to dedicated firewalls at OS-level.

App-level SSH Access

Organize team collaboration with app-level SSH access, allowing you to restrict access to your app to specific team members.

Staging Environment

Test and validate app level code changes and new features by using our dedicated Staging environment.

Multiple PHP Versions

Get the freedom of using multiple PHP versions on our managed cloud hosting platform.

Configure PHP.ini Settings

Easily configure PHP.ini settings to meet your app requirements and add customization to the app operational environment.

Team Feature for Developers

Collaborate more effectively with your team members through the Cloudways platform’s team collaboration features.

Supported Frontend Libraries

From React to Vue & Angular, use your favorite frontend libraries with your preferred PHP framework to create the best user experience.

1-Click App Launch

Launch applications on the go using the 1-Click app launch feature of the Cloudways platform.

Easy Migration for PHP apps

We take care of app migration from start to finish. You get to experience a smooth and hassle-free migration of your apps to their new home on the Cloudways platform.

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Managed Hosting for all PHP Framework Powered Projects

If you are looking for speed and performance, your search is now over!

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Solution For Developers

You can stress test and then take the site live with complete freedom.

SME Apps

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A scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Apps agencies

Solution for Agencies

We’ll manage the sites so you can focus on the needs of you customers.

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With our PAYG model, you never have to worry about budget overruns.

Tips to optimize web apps

Get exclusive tips and hacks you need to know for better app optimization.