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Yii Cloud Hosting on Managed PHP Cloud

Experience supreme performance and convenience with Cloudways.

Our Yii Hosting Recipe For Scalability

Streamline, scale and succeed with our managed Yii hosting platform.

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CloudwaysCDN is a simple yet powerful CDN service that can be integrated easily in a few clicks.

24/7 support

Optimized Stack

We have an optimized stack that includes Apache and Nginx as web servers, PHP-FPM, and MySQL/MariaDB for superb speed and faster processes.

24/7 support

1-Click SSL Installation

Built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate boosts the security of your site. You can install it easily and for free.

24/7 support

Managed Backups

Set a frequency of automated backups (hourly to weekly) or take backups whenever you want without losing your data.

24/7 support

Dedicated Security

Our proactive, multi-layered security efforts for users includes auto-healing servers, TFA, regular OS patches and firewalls.

24/7 support

IaaS Providers

With more than 60 data centers around the globe, we partner with top IaaS providers including GCE, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.

24/7 support

24×7 Caring & Expert Support

Our customer success team is always available. You can even create a ticket or refer to our community of experts and Knowledge Base.

24/7 support

1-Click Operations

Cloudways allows you to perform more than 50 operations with 1-Click. This includes seamless server scaling, app launch and more.

Migrate Your Yii App for Free!

Get your first Yii site migrated for free. You don’t have to worry about any of the technicalities of the process.

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Performance That Is Worth Highlighting

Setting new benchmarks for the cloud hosting industry.

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Yii Hosting That Fits Your Needs

The right Yii cloud hosting for all projects.

App developer

Solution For Developers

You have the freedom to do tests before taking your site live.

SME Apps

Solution for

A scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Apps agencies

Solution for Agencies

We’ll manage the sites so you can focus on the needs of you customers.

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Solution for

With our PAYG model, you never have to worry about budget overruns.

Our Customers. Our Values.

Here’s why Yii users trust Cloudways.

Your Global Partner In Local Success

We have 60+ data centers around the globe, so the best managed cloud hosting is within your reach.

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15 Cities
35 Data Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Create your server and launch PHP stack application.  The platform already has pre-installed Composer and Git. So, just go to your application via SSH terminal and install Yii2 using Composer. For more detail, check out this article: How To Host Yii 2 Framework On Cloudways Using Composer

Cloudways provides FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates that are very easy to install across all applications. All customers can now enable free certificates on their servers in just a click.

However, you can also setup your own SSL certificate on Cloudways. To learn more about the process take a look at: How Can I Get an SSL Certificate for My Application? And How to Install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for My Application?

Yes! You can use automatic deployment tool. Just make sure that the tool you select supports Git over SSH. You can use following auto deployment tools: Envoyer, DeployBot, Deploy HQ, Deployer etc.

Cloudways load every server with ThunderStack, a unique mix of server and cache technologies (Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx) that ensures that all applications on our Cloud Platform are highly optimized for performance.

All applications come with a single database. However if you want multiple databases for your application, simply launch multiple applications and use the database within your main application by using the provided database credentials.

No, All servers comes with pre-installed Composer and Git to help you quickly install your apps and get started with the development/deployment processes.

All servers come with Varnish, Redis and Memcached to provide caching for your Yii applications.

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