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WordPress Multisite, CDN, Node.JS, And 4 Other Features Coming Soon To Cloudways

Updated on July 2, 2014

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It’s been quite few hectic months since we’ve launched Cloudways Cloud Platform (formerly known as “Click&Go”) and the experience can’t be more positive. Customers feedback has been amazing and has helped to shape what we offer today.

We have completed the last batch of promised features, including:

Now, it is time to unveil what we will be adding further. Let me stress your feedback—through our feedback page, chat, emails, comments, and calls—has helped us in deciding what we are going to implement next. Surely, we have added our touch here and there, but essentially we have planned what most of you asked for.

So, without more preambles, let’s see what we have come up with!


This has been one of the most popular demands. We will be adding an option to add colleagues, developers, contractors, freelancers, and the likes to your account and give them access to specific servers and applications, so they can help with what you deem necessary. We will make sure that you can easily handle the necessary permissions for them to do so.

We are still working on how exactly this feature will look like. So, feel free to contribute with your suggestions in the feedback page. It will be highly appreciated.

Autohealing With Monitoring Alerts

We acknowledge that this is something which is very basic and we should have done it before. But, we can only do ever so many things. 🙂

We have always focused on creating a stable platform. Our aim is that you should focus only on your application, and not on the infrastructure. In this regard, we have just deployed an auto-healing feature that automatically sorts most of the issues with any component of the stack in a completely transparent and hassle-free way.

But, this may not be enough in some limited circumstances, i.e., if your application is under a DDoS or it has completely used all resources on server. For these special events, we are integrating smart alerts that will make sure you get notified only for really critical matters.

Google Compute Engine

And so, here we go: we are in process of taking abroad our third infrastructure provider.

We don’t want to add tons of providers and baffle our customers. Our policy is, and will be, to keep a very small set of infrastructure options for our customers, each adding a unique value to our offering. Currently, we have Amazon AWS (for high-end acceptability or ‘brand’) and DigitalOcean (for price competitiveness or ‘price’). Even if a brand like AWS is already there, we couldn’t but add Google Compute Engine too as these are the real two monsters in the cloud infrastructure landscape fighting for the ‘brand’ tag.

Moving forward, we have candidates for the eco-friendly tag (like, GreenQloud) and for the auto-scaling tag (like, Elastichosts containers). Let us know if there is any other tag that you think we are missing!


And, now the time has arrived to focus on other frameworks, too! The first one and most popular suggestion is Node.js. So, we will do our best to come up with the best possible Node..js stack for you to enjoy and build marvels on it.

Magento (Specific Features)

With Magento, we will open a new avenue we want to explore with you. We want to build application specific views of our platform. What do I mean with this?

Basically, we will have some features that will be specific for a certain application. We want to build the best possible hosting experience for each of the applications you love and work upon. This is impossible to do with a generalist platform where all applications share the same functionality. So, given the extreme flexibility of Click&Go foundations, we will build specific tools for specific applications which are going to be seamlessly merged into our slick console.

As said, we will start with Magento. We will provide options to re-index your Magento database from your console using the Magento CLI. Re-indexing from CLI is more efficient and much less expensive in terms of server resources than doing it from the Magento admin. We will also offer the ability to control the session folder from the console. This is something our Magento users have repeatedly asked for.

CDN Integration

Everyone wants a blazing-fast web experience. This is why we will be exploring options to offer a CDN service that can be easily integrated into your applications. We are already talking with a possible partner and hopefully, we will be able to offer you this option pretty soon.

WordPress Multisite

This is another very popular demand which will soon be met. We will add WordPress multisite as a new application available for deployment on a perfectly optimized stack and configuration.

Share us your feedback

And, that should keep us busy for a while. I would love to hear your thoughts on above milestones or any other thing that crosses your mind in the comments section below. Building a product with you is turning to be much more fun than expected. 😀

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Pere Hospital

Pere Hospital (CISSP & OSCP) is the CTO and co-founder of Cloudways Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in IT Security, Risk Analysis and Virtualization Technologies. You can follow Pere on Twitter at @phospital and read his blog at

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